One to One Venue Sessions

Here at Fairy Wedmother we are passionate about perfect weddings.  We want ALL brides to have the most perfect day ever, whether a Fairy Wedmother is looking after them or they have chosen a fully staffed venue.

We also know that sometimes your wedding coordinator or planner is also your event planner. While a wedding is indeed an event, the skills required to keep a bride happy are quite different to those used to ensure a corporate client is impressed.  We offer the following two opportunities to invest in your wedding team and, by default, increase your wedding revenue.

Coordinator half day One-to-One session

Whether your coordinator has been in the job five days or five years they are the face of your wedding offering.  In a half day one to one session they will

  • Gain the confidence to up-sell
  • Learn how to say ‘yes!’.  This always makes couples happy and doesn’t have to cost you anything
  • Discover Confidence Techniques that will assist when dealing with bolshy brides!
  • Find out useful information to keep on top of and understand trends and fads
  • Know who their competitors are and how to network with them
  • Become a valuable member of your team in terms of bringing more wedding revenue and higher guest satisfaction to your venue

Investment: £587

Departmental Mind Shift Half Day session

It’s not just your coordinator.  Your entire venue needs to shift its attitude from corporate to wedding and that can be hard to do. We offer a half day training session for members of other departments such as your ops team, front of house and service teams. Why bother? Well…

Increased guest satisfaction: wedding guests will often moan and never tell (well, not you…they do tell others). Don’t give them anything to moan about by making sure all teams are on the same page

Higher wedding revenue: A happy guest is more likely to spend more money and return to spend more money.

Less follow up required: follow up takes time.  Keep your couples and their guests happy and you’ll get the feedback you want on the day (or the next morning at breakfast).

Smiling and delivering an awesome guest experience takes practice. It’s easy to let that smile slip. We’ll teach all departments the subtle shift between corporate events and weddings so they can seamlessly switch between the two.

Investment: £587

Do both sessions on the same day and save £139 (total investment £995).

Interested in these but budget is a little tight?  Join the British Association of Wedding Venues and receive a discount of over £430.  As a member venue you would have ongoing support and training for your wedding coordinator too.