Help! I need a Fairy Wedmother

What on earth, I hear you ask, is a Fairy Wedmother?  Well, just as Cinders had someone to watch over her while she prepared and went to the ball to meet her Prince Charming, your Fairy Wedmother is here to make sure that you have the BEST DAY EVER!

If you’ve read the blog, you’ll know that my wedding day wasn’t the smoothest!  There were a few hiccups in the morning that led to a few things being missed later on. But I was lucky. All of my friends have worked in the hospitality and events industry and I knew I could rely on them to make sure everything was perfect. They set out my tables, checked every piece of cutlery and every glass, every chair and every table cloth.

When my oldest and dearest friend got married, I was there to do the same for her – and let me say, it was just as well; issues included a wonky top table, open ended table cloths, dirty chairs, mucky carpet in need of a hoover and a red carpet that was a hazard to high heels – that venue should be ashamed!

So let me do the same for you.  It means peace of mind for you and your venue. Less chance of complaints = Happy Bride = Happy Wedding Day! Or Renewal Day (we’ll help with that too!)

Wedding Planning Service
The ultimate Wedding help!  When a Wedmother plans your day you know it’s going to be perfect.  We source, engage and liaise with suppliers, work with your venue either with you or on your behalf and meet regularly to make sure your day is exactly what you wish for. Then we’re on hand on the day for any hic-cups or issues (we’ve been known to handle lairy groomsmen and wondering grandparents!).

Coming from outside of the UK to get married?  We can definitely help with that. We can help source your venue and be the liaison between you, your venue and all of your suppliers.

Price on request ♥

Wedding Co-ordination
Getting married in a marquee, teepee or un-staffed venue? Then you’re going to want someone to bring it all together for you.  You (or your MoB and MoG) don’t want to be herding everyone, paying suppliers and making sure everything is safe and going to plan or (gasp) cleaning the toilets – you should be busy enjoying yourself and creating beautiful memories.  We will run your day for you, from start to end. We’ll even help you set up if you like, just tell us what you need. Price starts from £795 ♥

Wedmothers are super versatile, and so we also offer the following services:

Wedding Venue Finding
Time Poor?  We can help you to find the perfect wedding venue.  Give us your specifications and budget and we will shortlist the best venues in your area, then arrange show rounds and, if you want us to, take you to each venue. We’ll chat over each option and then negotiate your booking for you. You can take it from there, or continue with our Wedding Planning Service.  Cost is just £100, and if you book one of the venues we’ll refund it (we take a small commission from the venue).

Pre-wedding consultations
To make your planning easier and hassle free, we offer one-to-one sessions to help you set your to do list, your on-the-day itinerary, budget and more.  Prices start from £150 depending on the number of sessions and content. Get in touch, find out more ♥

The ‘on-hand’ Wedmother
Want someone to turn to if things go wrong? Can’t find that one supplier you know will be ‘just perfect’ for your day?  We all know that family and friends, while meaning well, can hinder rather than help you with your planning and decisions.  You can have a Wedmother on hand (and on speed dial!) to help with any crises that might occur in the build up to the big day.  We will give you advice, help you find alternatives and generally be a shoulder to help you through the stressy bits of planning a wedding. You can have your Wedmother any time from 6 months before the wedding.  Prices start from £250 – a snip to have peace of mind (and a little sanity!) ♥

Wedding Nanny
When it comes to children at a wedding it can be a contentious issue. Do you allow them? If you do, how to you entertain them?  Why not make use of our Wedding Nanny service!  We will provide you with a fully checked Nanny to entertain the kids. She (or he!) will provide games and entertainment during the ceremony and/or the wedding breakfast to give parents a little break and Wedding Couples a bit of peace and quiet. So don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, invite the ‘little angels’ and have our Wedding Nanny help you keep your sanity!  Price on request, dependent of number of children, type of entertainment and length of time ♥

The Venue Rescuer
That’s right, a Fairy Wedmother will even help out venues.  Are you worried that your staff are bored of setting up wedding after wedding, weekend in, weekend out?  Check out our Wedmothers for Venues page for more info ♥