Wedmothers for Venues

We Wedmothers are not just here to help our lovely sparkly Princess Brides you know!

If you’re a venue that offers weddings, we have lots of ways of helping you to make sure your guest satisfaction is way up there, and your Brides, Grooms and their families have the best day.

We know that setting up for around 130 (sometimes more) weddings a year can become very repetitive for your team. No matter how much you trust them, they may sometimes still need guidance, and a little quality control!

We also know that ‘wedding speak’ is very different to ‘corporate speak’ and we can help with that too.

♥ What we offer

♥ Quality Control for your set-up
We will visit your venue twice during wedding set up.  The first visit will be as a Mystery Wedmother, where we will pretend to be agency staff brought in to help with wedding set up.  This gives us a chance to understand the attitude of your staff whilst they undertake a task they do over and over and keep a quality check on things.  This is then followed by a second visit where we are very obviously monitoring their work, and will check the set up once completed; check every piece of glass wear and cutlery, check for dirty napkins and holey tablecloths and dirty floors and dangerous red carpets and grotty chairs.

We’ll provide you with a report of our findings (which, with luck, should all be good!) along with any suggestions for improvement.

Investment: £400 plus a travel subsidy depending on location

♥ Mystery Wedmother Wedding Enquiries
It’s easy to become complacent when you do the same thing over and over again.  We’re sure your wedding planner is as passionate now as the day they started, but wouldn’t you like to be sure?

We will test your system works by making an initial phone wedding enquiry, arrange a meeting with your wedding planner and provide you with a report of our findings.  We will work with you prior to the call to create a list of things you want to make sure are covered.  We will also do a walk in on a weekend to discover how brides are welcomed when it’s not the wedding planner doing the meet and greet.

We can be ‘difficult’ – a bit grumpy, quite demanding – or ‘normal’, or a little wacky with our requests; however you’d like us to act, whatever you’d like us to test, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll do a thorough briefing before we undertake the Mystery Wedmother activity and provide you with all you need to know about how your wedding planner is operating.

Investment: £260

Mystery Wedmother also offers a venue visit on ….a Saturday!  We believe a huge amount of weddings are lost when Couples and their families ‘pop in’ on a day when a) your ops team is pretty busy with the wedding you have in and b) there’s no-one from your wedding or events team to greet them.  Want to know what kind of experience people are having?  Book a Mystery Wedmother and get the low down on where you can make improvements to those walk-ins.

Investment: £150

Do both the Mystery Wedmother phone and venue visit: £360

♥ Enquiry Follow-up
Ever wondered why some couples didn’t choose your venue for their nuptials?  I’m sure you do ask when you get the chance, and I’m sure you make a follow up call (and if not, why not!) but you might not get through and when you do you might not get the truth – it’s the British way to be nice and not say negative things that might hurt your feelings!

So let us find out for you.  We promise to keep their details anonymous – you will not know who said what – and this way we tend to get to the real reason. Sometimes it’s location, sometimes it’s size; not much you can do about either of those things.

But what if it’s your decor? Worse…what if it’s your staff? What if it’s the gravel outside (yes, brides are that fussy – no-one wants to shell out ££££s on Louboutins to have them scuffed by gravel!)?  We recently did this project for a hotel and it turns out a majority of it was the bedrooms. They used the report we produced to show head office that a small investment in refurbing their bedrooms could increase the income from weddings by around £34%. Not bad knowledge to have!

Investment: £350

♥ Fresh Eyes Report
Your venue has been hosting weddings for years so you know you’ve got it covered, right? Maybe not.  On a recent visit to a venue I spotted several things that, with just a little tweak and very little cost, would make that venue stand out from the many.  Who want’s to see bins through your window? You see them every day so probably don’t notice them, but a bride will (I did, immediately). Could that be the reason you didn’t get the wedding?

Invite the Fairy Wedmother to come and view your venue with fresh eyes, see what you could change in a jiffy and get some great, unique ideas to help you stand out.

Investment: £200

♥ Outsourced Wedding Planning
We offer two levels of outsourced wedding planning.

Overseas Brides Planner.  Had an enquiry from an American (or other country) bride who wants help with suppliers but you just don’t have that kind of time?  Recommend a Wedmother for the job!  We will work with you and your overseas bridal party to ensure the best possible outcome. Your bride will foot the bill or you can include it in their costs and market it as part of your service.  Feel free to call us to discuss further how we can help you seal the deal on overseas weddings!

Buffer Planner.  You know, and I know, that there’s no need for a bride to be talking to you and asking a million questions with 18 months to go.  You’ve got eleventy billion weddings before hers and, quite frankly, she’s not your priority.  Well, I can make her mine.  I can be the buffer between you and your brides in the lead up to the lead up!  When there’s, say, three months to go I’ll hand them back over to you for final planning.  And if you need me to come along to an ops meeting because it’s out of hours I can do that too, to make sure your brides are completely confident in the day you’re about to produce for them.
The cost of each project depends on the amount of time agreed to undertake it. We’re happy to chat over your needs. And if there’s anything else you think we can help you with, just ask!