Make your wedding YOUR wedding!

Every wedding will have elements of the same thing: an aisle, a registrar or celebrant, food, drink and photography.

So how can you make Your wedding YOUR wedding?  There are number of things you can do that will have that different twist and will have your guests ooh-ing and ah-ing, and talking about it for years to come.  And here’s a few!

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Have a Signature Cocktail
What could be more fun than working with the barman at your wedding venue to create a cocktail that’s all about you!  This website has a great selection of ideas but for me, chatting to your venue/bar supplier/caterer is the best way to come up with something totally unique that reflects you as a couple, your life together or your life to come.

Don’t fancy a cocktail (or don’t have someone on standby to make them)?  How about a ‘Pimp your’ Bar?  Pimp your Prosecco, Pimp your Pimms, Adorn your Aperol…tables with bottles, ice buckets, fruit…even bows and pens to write on your own glass or bows to tie on so you know which one is yours!




Take your seat, with a difference
In contrast to the UK, in America it’s fairly standard to have Escort Cards; they pop the place cards on a table, you find your name, flip the card to find your table number and take your seat – any seat on the table (in the UK we tend to put the place names on the table because we’re fussy about who sits next to whom!).  There are some great takes on this if we Brits wanted to adopt it:

Image result for escort cards straws wedding ideas

  • have the names and tables numbers on a straw and offer a cocktail to your guests as they walk in. This also gives them something to drink while they’re waiting for your grand entrance and the wine to be poured!
  • Instead of names, have a photo of the person and put a personalised ‘thanks for coming’ message on the back with the table number
  • Add little flags to cupcakes or fruit, a little snack while your guests wait!

(although these will work as place names on the tables too, if you NEED to be British about it…!)

Have a ‘Wedding Nanny
Having little tykes at your wedding?  Keep them entertained (and quiet) during the ceremony and wedding breakfast by hiring a Wedding Nanny (we do them!) who will bring games, crafts and oodles of ideas to keep toddlers and older kids happy.

Weddings can be exceptionally boring if you’re a child – let’s face it they are geared towards adults having a lovely day out in a nice outfit with a drink (or three!) – and that’s when the whining and crying invariably starts. Your guests are trying to have a nice time, the children want attention – a Wedding Nanny will solve all your problems without the little darlings missing out on the big day and your guests possibly not being able to attend due to lack of baby sitter.

‘Fess up!
We’ve all heard of Photo Dress up Booths – go one better and have a ‘confessional’!  A video booth where your guests can leave you special or funny messages. A great addition to your wedding video, and imagine the fun you’ll have watching those confessions as your guests become more and more inebriated! Popcorn and beer at the ready….

Image result for confession booth wedding

Midnight Snacks
For those die-hard wedding guests who are still up dancing at Midnight and beyond…after all that drink they are peckish!  Arrange a bit of a midnight snack – mini cheese board, bacon sarnies, pizza.  Or if you’re in the north east – mini parmos or cheesy chips and garlic….(and if you’re not, you should try these anyway!).

Karaoke with a difference….you have a full band behind you, not just a machine and a screen. This works – all your guests will want to get up and front their own band, feel like a rock star…and everyone will still be able to dance because you’ve still got a proper band playing the music. Win-win! We’ve seen this first hand, it was pretty awesome. Do check out the website, it’s so worth it!


Have a tasting table
Anything from wine to whiskey, chocolate to cheese and of course GIN can go on a tasting table.  Hire someone to manage it for you and encourage your guests to try the food and drink on offer and maybe leave comments, and you could offer a prize for the most imaginative?  Asking for trouble? Probably!!

So there you have it. A few new ways to inject a little unique fun into your special day and make it…YOURS ♥

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