Ten ways to make your wedding photographer happy

We all know that best laid plans don’t always come off, but there are things you can do to make your wedding photographer happy and get the photos you want to remember your big day by.

♥          ♥         ♥         ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

Image result for wedding list images♥ Make a list, check it twice…we know it’s not for Santa (although who am I to judge what your photographer is called!) – photographers LOVE a list. It means they know who they’re looking for and they can tick off what they’ve achieved

♥ Tell people you expect them to be in the photos. And if you’re planning a group shot make sure everyone knows so they can be ready for it when called

♥ Visit your venue with your photographer, scout out the best locations for photos together and give some thought for wet weather options in case Mother Nature is in a bad mood that day (nice fireplace anywhere?)Christina: the fireplace isn't as large as this but could be used as a centerpiece for the wedding or buffet.

♥ Allocate someone in your wedding party to help you gather people. Even is your photographer is bringing an assistant, it’s important that someone who knows what people look like can help them gather people together

♥ Don’t want candid shots? Say so! Only want candid shots? Say so! Ultimately they’re your reminder of YOUR day so they should reflect you and your new hubby and be photos you want to look at for the rest of your married lives together

Image result for thank you wedding photo cards♥ Consider having a specific shot for your Thank You cards, and add it to your list.

♥ Have any props to hand, and put someone in charge of them

♥ Ask a bridesmaid to stick around to be your stylist – fluff your dress, set people in place, have your lippy to hand, straighten your veil – whatever it takes to get the shot. It will save time for your photographer who can then concentrate on the perfect photo

♥ Check it’s OK with your photographer for others to be taking photos while he/she is. In low light others flashes might interrupt the professional and ruin the shot

♥ Make sure your photographer knows the definites and absolute no-nos of your venue – most venues aren’t keen if they stand on a chair but may turn a blind eye. Moving that priceless vase out of shot…maybe not!  Is there anywhere out of bounds? Where’s the best place to get that group shot – can they hang out of a window without giving the venue organiser palpitations? And can they actually take photos during the ceremony? Check, check, check! (And add to the list…)

And one more thing…..FEED THEM!  If there’s a bar at your venue let them order lunch and put it on your room. Got a hog roast – give them a sarnie! Even with a sit down you can order an extra main and let them chow down at the back of the room – photographers don’t tend to take photos of people eating so it’s a perfect time for a break!

Follow these easy tips and you’ll have a happy photographer, happy guests and happy you when your get your photo’s back ♥

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