Happy Anniversary (to me!)

Well, two short years ago I married my Prince Charming! It really was the special day we’d hoped for and we decided, as last year, to go back to our wedding venue over the weekend to celebrate and remember all of the little things.

One thing we talked about was what different days we each had. My experience of our wedding day was definitely different to my Prince.

For starters, I barely slept while he slept like a log! We stayed in a great little farmhouse that sleeps around 16-18 people in various layouts of rooms. There’s a double and single with it’s own bathroom (we gave that to my brother, sis-in-law and niece – she was only three and we knew she needed no distractions in order to sleep well!), a room with two sets of bunk-beds for me and my bridesmaids, a twin at the end of the corridor for the snorer (I won’t shame them here!) and finally the ‘Snow White’ room – 8 single beds!  You do need to know people well to stay at this farmhouse!

I was woken up by a three year old being told “quietly, people are still asleep” to which she replied, very loudly ‘Ooh that’s chilly I’m going to need my slippers!’

The wonderful couple at the farmhouse came to cook us breakfast (all fresh and from the farm – delicious). Me and the girls left to head to the venue, leaving the boys to tidy up and get ready there.

I should mention at this point, that I woke my hubby to be, gave him a kiss and said see you later. There was a mixed response to this break with tradition!

Now this is where things start to be different.

We drove through snowy blizzards. They has sun (although it was windy and they lost the ribbon from the car!).

While we rushed around making sure the tables were set and (read previous entry) trying to sort out my make-up and a singer, the boys chilled out chatting, playing pool waiting for their photographer to arrive.

Once at the venue he spent his time chatting with our guests, getting to know the husbands/wives that he’d yet to meet, having a whisky and generally enjoying himself while I was pacing, nervous, stuck in a room waiting to be trussed into my really very beautiful dress and being photographed every step of the way.

(Our photographers: Richard Davison Photography and Nigel from Inspire an Image Awesome guys, felt like they were part of the family!)

The next bit we spent together – handy as it was ‘the marriage’! No tears – we’re very proud of ourselves but his mum and my step mum were soggy messes!Fairy Wedmother Homepage image

Outside, some kisses and chats and we were separated for photos (I wanted to get through them quickly, not spend all afternoon doing them and we were lucky enough to have two amazing photographers so we could split our time).

Back together for drinks and couples pics and then off to speak to different people, then in to sit down and eat.

We had a slightly different top table – all the girls next to me and the boys next to him. And our bridesmaids did the most amazing speech for us – absolute treasures!

Back out for final family pics after food and before we knew it our evening guests were arriving (that planned hour chill out in the room did not happen!), cut the cake, first dance and off to chat to different people. My husband literally then danced from 9pm until 1pm. I’m surprised there are not holes in his soles!

Sleep and up for breakfast, tidy up, say goodbye and head off for our mini-moon at the very lovely Feversham Arms Hotel.

It was here that we started talking about the day and realised that we had experience different things. It makes sense when you think about it but it hadn’t occurred to me prior to the wedding that this would be the case!

I hope we always talk about the little bits of the day that the other missed. We have the most fantastic photos to remind us and start that conversation with.♥

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