Uh-oh…your wedding weather is not co-operating!

So I’m sitting here looking out of my window at the rain bouncing off the fairy garden and I’m wondering ‘where did this come from?’. Up bright and early this morning (Wedmothers are busy bees, always buzzing around making sure weddings are fabulous!) there was glorious sunshine pouring through the windows. Bright and sunny enough to make you think about putting on a load of washing! But Mother Nature had other ideas and now it’s raining cats and dogs!

So that got us thinking about outdoor weddings and the unpredictable nature of our great British weather. Do you plan for the worst, not bother and go with the flow? And we’re not just talking wet here…what about seriously (faint inducing) hot, jolly cold or (and it’s happened…) all three!

We’ve been rooting around and found you some fabulous solutions!

Luckiest Girl Ever has the best attitude we’ve found. If you’re having an outdoor wedding – then plan for all eventualities! Her wonderful ‘c’est la vie’ attitude won us over at Wedmother Towers and her guests – well they did too! Read all about how she planned and coped with getting a little soggy as they said ‘We do!’. 

Of course, if you have your ‘do’ in a fabulous sperry tent or teepee (we ♥ PapaKåta) they are more than used to wet weather weddings. Here’s what one of PapaKåta’s lovely couples had to say: “If Carlsberg did weddings they’d do rainy days in North Yorkshire in PapaKåta teepees with scampi and chips.”
Ruth & Peter Wilson, 18th June 2011

I knew that getting married in March might cause a bit of a weather challenge so I bought a few white brollies just in case. Lucky me I didn’t need them. Although I had all of the weather range on my wedding day – snow, sleet, rain, sun and wind! But lucky me, when it came time for the photos the sun came out and although it was a tad chilly I didn’t mind. I was wearing a very heavy, very layered wedding dress that kept me warm, and my guests all had wraps or coats and Pimms to keep them warm. We did have a plan with our Photographers though, in case we couldn’t get any outside photos. And that’s all we needed.

Photo by Inspire an Image Photography

Inspire an Image says ‘Who cares if it rains!’ We say Be prepared 🙂

Richard Davison Photography

Richard Davison Photography captures the Groom and his groomsmen perfectly – and they’re all smiling

Two lovely photos by my photographers. There are plenty out there but these boys will always be special to us!  Check them out Inspire an Image and Richard Davison

Now then, what about the other? What if it’s just too hot!  One plus for our venue was that it had air conditioning and although it was March, 60 bodies in posh frocks and suits soon warm up a room.  I was sweltering and my veil started to irritate me – when I look back on the video I play with it a lot! So the air conditioning came in handy and I was a happy Bride. I soon cooled down outside mind!

London Bride has some great tips, have a cheeky read

Our toppest tip – a fan man! No, not a man who walks around behind you wafting feathers (although….!), but a cute little fan that looks like a man, that you can keep in your bag (or on your table – great Favour idea if you know it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!)

fan man image

We hope you’ve had some inspiration here, but mostly we hope that you won’t panic too much about the weather on your wedding day – see it as an opportunity to challenge your photographer!

Your day will be beautiful because you’re marrying your perfect someone and, rain or shine, nothing can beat that! ♥

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