Cake Glorious Cake

So the internet is FLOODED with photos of fabulous Wedding PANcakes at this time of year and we thought we’d discuss the dos and don’ts of a themed cake!

My cake was themed – our fabulous cake maker happens to be a friend and lucky us, she’s exceptionally creative.  I told her ‘no white cakes with flowers’ -fine if that’s what you like, and believe me some of her creations in this category are stunning, but it’s not for me and Mr Wedmother! – and she asked me a couple of questions about our relationships such as key places for first dates, the proposal, our lives together…that sort of thing.

1535442_772033726141067_371415522_nThen – joy of joys – she built our story out of cake! From top to bottom:

  • We LOVE wine and cheese (rice crispie cake and carrot cake)
  • The reservoir at Osmotherley – our first date and the proposal location (Red Velvet – my favourite)
  • Lemon Tops – a Redcar speciality and our second date (lemon filled lemon sponge with lemon frosting)
  • Chips – lemon biscuits shaped and painted like chips wrapped in edible newspaper telling our story
  • Four ‘normal’ cakes (if you call Chocolate and Apple cake normal! Oh and two were vanilla) with hand made versions of our beautiful pets (we had lost Molly Dog exactly a year before so this was a great way to have her there).

You could eat everything on our cake except the cat’s whiskers (yep you could eat the cheese knife!).

Now, this might freak out some brides but I did not see my cake until after the ceremony! As Charlie was a friend she was attending the wedding so brought the cake with her to set up while I was busy getting ready! However I had total faith in her ability to give me exactly what I wanted.

Here’s what one of my photographers thought:

How’s that for a cake!
This beautiful wedding cake was made with a hell of a lot of care and attention, including the ‘chips’ you can see in the bottom right of the image!! Superb work from a very talented lady.

Nigel from Inspire an Image put this comment on his photo of my cake on Facebook – he talked about it a lot!

Here’s our TOP TIPS on having the weird or themed cake of your dreams!

♥ TALK to your cake maker. Be honest, be bold. And if they don’t get it perhaps they’re not for you. Don’t be afraid to walk away and find someone who is more on your wavelength. Any cake maker worth their vanilla will be happy for you to walk away if they can’t make what you want. It’s their reputation on the line!


♥ DON’T be so ‘off the wall’ that you end up with so many different themes you don’t know where you started. Be meaningful and be true.

♥ Involve your Fiancee! It’s his cake too.  Although given the choice Mr Wedmother would have had the Grand Prix in there somewhere (birthday cake idea, thanks!) and he would have like a fruit cake but no-one we know likes it so we’d have been left with a lump of cake only he would eat (I guess we could have kept it, but we have the cat and dog as keepsakes) so we decided against it. And he’s now a Red Velvet convert…

♥ Sometimes it’s not the cake that’s crazy but how you display it. Check out this floral creation – pretty stunning but the table totally sets it apart from your ordinary ‘white cake with flowers’.cake-table


♥ Get everyone else to make it for you. This Cake Table at a Summer Fete themed wedding is full of cakes made by the guests of all ages.  And the couple turned it into a competition (which we Wedmothers judged to keep it fair!) Superb idea, keeps costs down and you get a bunch of fabulously different cakes to eat.

♥ If all else fails – CAKE OF CHEESE!! This first one is also mine, lovingly made by my friend. I thought I’d show you a posh one too!

Is it wrong that I had a cake and a cheese-cake? I think not!

Wedding cake made of cheese

Cake of Cheese


Wedding cake made of cheese rounds


So there you have it. Have your cake and eat it – any way you want. Just be true ♥




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