Tip Top Toppers

We all know how important the cake is…but what about the cake topper? Is that important or just a finishing touch; a flurry if you will?

Brought to popularity in the mid 1950s in America, a cake topper was traditionally a representation of togetherness as a couple.  Often made of porcelain, they would feature a Bride in a long white wedding gown and a groom in morning suit and would be a keepsake.

Nowadays they’re more of a representation of the couple, with a lot of brides dragging their grooms along, same sex couples and even families. Bunting and sparklers are quite popular too!  Made from porcelain, putty, icing, wood or metal – anything goes!

What would yours look like? Did you go traditional or venture a little further ‘out there’? Mine was a bottle of wine and some cheese – all made of cake!

Here’s a random selection to get your creative juices flowing!

♥ Written designs

♥ Cheeky!

♥ Hobby or themes

♥ A little off the wall….

♥ Animal love


So get out there and tackle your cake topper!  ♥

Awesome Creations
Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

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