Have the wedding you can afford

We’ve all seen in the ‘wedding news’ lately that the average cost of a wedding is close to that of a small luxury car or twice the deposit on a house – and it really doesn’t need to be.

You can of course save money by shopping in the sales (things like your bridesmaid  and groomsmen pressies, bridesmaid dresses), buying a suit for your groom means it can be used again (and can often be cheaper than hiring a morning suit) and make your own invitations.

Even if you do have an eye watering budget available to you, you will waste a lot of it on daft little things that (honestly) no-one will notice or everyone will exclaim ‘how much did they spend on that‘!

We’ve had a bit of a think and have come up with some great penny-saving ideas for certain areas of your wedding –


M&S cakes with a fancy topper!

SAVE on the Cake
Really tight budget? Make your own, enlist the aid of friends and family or go to M&S

Got a bit to spend? Ask your cake maker for ‘dummy’ layers – iced polystyrene layers that make your cake ten feet tall but you can only eat 2 layers of it!  Have two smaller layers and use decorations to make it look like more, and go for sponge – fruit is always a more expensive option.


Pre Loved dress

This little beauty is on Pre-Loved

SAVE on the Dress
Really tight budget? Charity shops could be your best friend, borrow from a friend or family member or check out Debenhams or House of Fraser evening gowns.

Got a bit to spend? Pre-loved is a great source of dresses and you can search by the design you like; get it made (oddly often cheaper than store bought) or buy an ex-sample dress – your wedding shop will still steam it and fix any issues and no-one will know it was tried on 5o times!




Yummy canapes

SAVE on the Food
Really tight budget? Get friends and family to help out (we did this for our engagement party, it was fab!), just have one course and use your cake as dessert or have a hog roast – feed a lot of people for not a lot of money!

Got a bit to spend? Have canapes instead of a starter, this will keep your guests going until they sit down.  Have your ceremony late in the day so you only have to feed your guests once but you can splash out a little more or have a buffet rather than a served sit down meal (this will save on required staff too).

SAVE on the Venue
Really tight budget?  Consider a function room above a pub or a working men’s club – room hire is minimal or free and you can bring in your own decorations and catering

Papakata teepeeGot a bit to spend? A marquee or teepee are a great alternative. There can be hidden costs (toilets, flooring leading to it, lighting etc) but it can be a cheaper alternative than a hotel if you choose a reputable provider.
Some venues are unstaffed which will save money but you’ll need a Fairy Wedmother to co-ordinate your day for you. Do you really want to be the person making sure everyone has arrived/is in the right place at the right time/has been paid? Let us do that for you so you can relax and enjoy your day ♥

All of our flowers

We each made our own

SAVE on the Flowers
Really tight budget? Do your own (we spent £80 in Asda and made my bouquet,the bridesmaids flowers and the parents ‘thank-you’s – I paid for button holes because nothing is worth that pain…!), see what the venue can include (there’s always a deal to be done) or only have your bouquet – your bridesmaid don’t need one!

Got a bit more to spend? Consider a newly opened florist and agree to put their cards out for a discount (tit for tat!), go for ‘in season’ home grown flowers – exotic out of season costs money, or do something different with your centrepiece; we sprayed long twigs sparkly gold and hung fun stuff off them, popped them in a fish bowl with battery lights and bobs your uncle – unique and fun centres with edible treats to keep the guests happy!

While you might think it’s important to have a ton of flowers everywhere (and granted it does look pretty) it can be a bit of a waste so please, whatever you end up doing, recycle your flowers. My two pedestals went to a local old folk’s home😊

Don’t waste your money…

Birds (bringing your rings, releasing doves…no-one cares but you!) and they poop!
A band OR a DJ – don’t do both (if you have a band you can play your own playlist or stick Spotify on in the break)
Entertainment – do a quiz instead! If you want your guests amused while you’re off having your photos done, create a quiz or a treasure hunt…it’s free!

And one last thing…

The Rings – some may feel it’s a material thing but you will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life so if you can, make it an investment piece that you can hand down – unless you’re lucky enough to have one already in the family that will get handed to you! That said, mine was in the sale (bargain) and Mr Wedmother’s is made of titanium so he can wear it at work and it won’t get bent! ♥


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