Leap into marriage

So, the Leap Day has come and gone and how many of you brave ladies out there proposed to your partners?  Here are some lovely stories, courtesy of People Magazine. We’d love to hear about your proposals!


Lets talk about proposals! We’ve been hearing about Web based proposals!  Take out an add (this works for print but newspapers are on their way out!), create a Facebook page, Tweet your proposal…the possibilities are endless for this somewhat public, slightly less personal way to pop the question!  I think you need to know your partner well before you start tweeting proposals and setting up web pages to declare your intentions!

Traditional ways are more my thing but we’re all different. I was proposed to at the site of our first date, it was lovely and special and, although it was a public space (the reservoir at Osmotherley in fact!) there were very few people around. Which is just as well as I spent the rest of the walk around the water staring at the sparkle on my ring finger and not looking where I was going!

Future Grooms – have a read of this! To ask or not to ask (the future Dad in Law for his daughter’s hand in marriage, that is!) Proposal Etiquette. My husband didn’t and none of us mind, but it’s something to consider as all dads are different!

What can go wrong?!

You didn’t bring a ring! Well, actually, I chose mine. I didn’t get it until he proposed, and I didn’t know when that was going to be, but he knew me well enough to know I had to have a say in the ring that I would wear and show off for the rest of our married life!  Some proposers are confident enough to make that choice alone, some do a little sly shopping with their intended to gauge reaction to certain styles, others, well they’re the one’s who might get left stranded on that knee…

You did it public…oh you are brave!  It’s a special kind of person that loves a public proposal (and I count in front of friends and family as public here). I cut my teeth working in the hospitality industry and I was privvy to many public proposals. Hide the ring in the champagne – or worse, dessert! Yep, have had to call 999 on more than one occasion – that made the proposal memorable… Book a violinist, so she can’t actually hear those 4 lovely words! Get the DJ to do for you. Not sure I would want someone else asking on his behalf!  One issue with this is…what if your intended says no? Are you prepared for that?

You’re not really ready! My friend Suzanne met her fella in the pub and married him 33 days later.  They’ve been married for 12 years. My in laws were engaged within weeks of meeting and celebrate 47 years this year!  But that’s not true of everyone. Sometimes you’re both just in that ‘infatuation’ stage, where your rose tinted glasses just won’t come off. While proposal doesn’t automatically mean marriage (I know one couple who became engaged within weeks but didn’t marry for 13 years!), you won’t know if you’re ready to commit to someone for life until you’ve seen what life might throw at you.  Maybe just take a beat, or have a conversation!

Have a read of this for some crazy ideas. Easy ‘chic lit’ reading that I managed in around 3 days!  Buy 100 Proposals

Final words of wisdom from the Wedmothers….your proposal is a story that will be told for the rest of your lives together. Have that in mind when you plan it….♥


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