To Heel or not to Heel…

Ah the joys of choosing your Wedding Shoes – almost as fun (and probably as stressful) as choosing the frock itself!  The pressure of getting your shoes ready for your dress fitting can overwhelm some brides so here’s our go-to guide for getting the right bridal shoe!

First question – to heel or not to heel? Are you the same height (or taller) than your groom, or do you just want comfy feet all day!  Your walk is different in heels and flats – be aware of the way the shoe will make your body move.

Next – what colour and style? Do you match your dress (there are around 80 different shades of white and ivory so not an easy task but if you can’t really see them or they’re strappy you won’t really notice!) or go for something a little wild and wacky?   If you have a lace dress do you want a lace shoe? What about if you’ve got a tea-dress? That requires something special – a shoe you can see is not just a shoe, it’s part of your outfit.

Check out this selection from RubyShoo and Irregular Choice.

And the final consideration – cost! Are you prepared to spend £100s on a pair of shoes you may never wear again? Are you desperate for Jimmy, Christian or Manolo to grace your feet and your wedding is the perfect excuse to splash out? How about Vintage (pre-loved) or charity shop – either of those appeal to you?

Answer these three questions and you’re on your way to finding the perfect wedding shoe

Here’s my shoe journey:

♥ Set my price range – not designer but not Primark – somewhere in the middle.

♥ Spotted gorgeous, definitely wedding-y shoes online (hate shoe shopping online!)  Couldn’t find IRL so ordered. They arrived and were …. awful!  With the back being super stiff, I couldn’t see any amount of ‘breaking in’ softening it in time for the big day and it was a risk if it didn’t (and a waste of £100)  – they went back.

♥ Was offered my friend’s wedding shoes, we have the same shoe size so that was a bonus (her feet are actually a bit wider than mine so allowed for expansion!). Problem – they were super high! I have had to give up my sky-highs due to a foot operation a few years ago, so there’s no way I was going to last in them all day and night.

♥ Spotted quirky cat shoes on the Debenhams website and went hunting to try them on – couldn’t be found in the shop anywhere so again had to resort to ordering online. They arrived and fit beautifully but were a bit dark in reality – so they went back.  However I loved them so much and they were right in the middle of my price range that I went hunting for a lighter pair and here they are!


My beautiful shoes!

They couldn’t be seen as I walked (a preference for me, some brides don’t mind) but I could show them off! And now I get them out every anniversary and have fun finding a new outfit to go with them ♥

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