Can you Do-it-Yourself?

DIY weddings….our speciality!

Sometimes you just can’t find a hotel that suits you. No-where seems right, you just don’t feel ‘it’ when you’re walking around.

Sometimes it’s a matter of price range and fitting your budget.  Sometimes it’s location. Sometimes you just can’t agree!

Whatever the reason, many couples are choosing to go the DIY route and have their weddings celebrations in a marquee, tepee (we know there are a lot out there but we ♥ PAPAKÅTA – their sperries and Teepees are just soooo lush!), in a private house or even in the forest.

Whatever you choose, you don’t always get someone to co-ordinate the day for you, make sure it all runs smoothly, that suppliers are doing what they should and are getting paid. As a bride you don’t want to be worrying about this sort of this…you can see where I’m going here….This is what your Fairy Wedmother is for!

So, now I’ve got that out of my system lets explore our top ten tips for the best DIY weddings.

♥ If you’re saving money on the venue, splash out in another area…get the car of your (his) dreams, get your wedding band specially made or have that extra tier on the cake!

♥ Making your own invitations is easy, and you can personal each one. Possibly not recommended if you’re having more than about 60 guests though! Or if you’re not in a traditional mood, do it by text/Instagram/Facebook!

♥ Ask your friends to help – you’ll be surprised how many people love getting involved in wedding crafting, and your circle of friends just might contain that special skill you’ve been looking for!

♥ Get surfing! You already know you can find anything on the internet, so take 10 minutes to do a bit of research. These little tissue boxes are one of my faves and so easy to make. Just print off onto card, cut out and stick on – viola – personal little tissue for M0B and MoG
♥ Set up a Pintrest account and start saving images of things you love while you’re planning. The more you look at them, the more you might be able to find a way to re-create without the busting the budget

♥ Collect stuff! My auntie had a tea-room and saved Jam Jars for me. I popped a bit of raffia around, put some crystals in the bottom, half filled with water and added a floating candle. Took me around 40 mins, and I had a great table decoration.  This pic only shows 3 – I had around 25 dotted all over the venue. The candles were lit right before the ceremony, and then re-lit ready for the wedding breakfast and burned until around 11pm – fab! I got them from Ikea but you can get them here too!jam-jars-alter-table

♥ You don’t need to be a super-crafter to create your menu cards and table numbers. While most venues will provide these, when it’s a DIY  wedding you might need to add them to your list. Simple enough to do, just design on your computer (you can even download new fonts if you want something a bit more unique) and print onto card. Then embellish with stickers, lace, other bits and bobs. One of my favourite ideas….use your engagement photos and simply write the table number on the back, or print off the menu on paper and stick it on!

♥ Got someone with a swanky car?  Get yourself some ribbon (most card shops will sell it) and get that car washed.  Thanks to Andy for ours; who knew a Masda 6 could look that fabulous! I was already at the venue getting ready, Andy brought Mr Wedmother, my dad and the best man over (ours was not a totally traditional affair!)

♥ Make yobride-and-photo-string-croppedur own photo booth!  We wanted out guests to be able to use the photo booth all day so we set up our own.  Everyone brought their dress up gear and had a blast taking pics and hanging them on the lace line. Admittedly gluing the little hearts and sparkles on the peg took a while but you’ve got to love a finishing touch!


♥ Our final tip….enjoy it! We loved doing our invitations together, my hubby felt involved and had some great ideas (some of which I listened to….😘) ♥

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