Do Something Funny…

So it’s Red Nose Day and who’s getting married?  We know some people are and what we want to know is whether or not you would ‘do something funny’ on your wedding day!

This locred-nose-day-wedding-kingscote-barn-matt-davis-photographyal couple realised their wedding fell on Red Nose Day in 2015 and have a cracking portrait that’s totally serious – if it wasn’t for everyone wearing a red nose! Makes me smile every time!


And of course, who can forget when David Walliams finally married the man of his dreams – Simon Cowell!  Doesn’t he make a stunning bride! Great photo from Now Magazine


So we’ve been thinking….what could you do if your wedding day was on Red Nose Day and you wanted to raise some money as well as making it memorable and fun? Here’s our Top Five!

♥          ♥         ♥         ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Skydive, snorkle or abseil!  Thanks to Daniel Kruger for this little video on how to do a Sky Dive wedding. You can do it here or abroad – Las Vegas seems to be popular! My friend got married underwater – made for a logistical nightmare with the outfit but nothing that couldn’t be overcome! Remember the episode of Don’t Tell The Bride where they got married in a Local Pool?  And that wasn’t even to raise money, just because the groom was a little ambitious…! Just remember if you do it here you’re not legally married until you sign on the dotted line in front of a registrar!

♥ Wear crazy outfits! I once witnessed a wedding at a Blackberry Festival in America where the bride and groom wore the most spectacular blackberry themed outfits. I’m hunting for photos, if I find one I’ll add it later!  DTTB is always good for quirky – remember the Willy Wonka Wedding?!


♥ Give all your guests a Red Nose to wear – not only are you contributing to the cause by buying a load of noses, you’ll also get some pretty fantastic photos!



♥ Get some wedding dresses from a local charity and get changed every hour! Help the charity you buy them from and get your guests to sponsor you – they could bid on whether the next dress will be ‘better or worse’ than the last!

♥ Learn to say your vows in a different language and get your guests to sponsor you. Je t’aime, te amo, ich liebe dich ♥♥

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