Who is that walking down the aisle…

Do you look like you on your wedding day, or do you do something totally different?

There have been many debates about this during the planning for my friends’ weddings. For me, I was always going to look like me, just better  – ie with fabulous make up rather than just my daily slap! It never occurred to me to make myself look different. Even when I had my hair trials, I kept making her change it to more reflect how I see myself. And, just as importantly for me, how my future husband saw me!

But that’s not always the case. Take Bride ‘A’ – she had short, almost pixie, hair and decided to add a fake pony-tail with big bouncing curls. It looked great, but totally changed her face. Even her auntie wasn’t sure it was her (granted she’s in her 80’s with jam jar glasses but you see what I’m getting at!) and her groom – well he didn’t really notice and they’re not married anymore but that’s not the moral of the story!

Then there’s Bride ‘C’ who as a rule doesn’t let anyone near her hair but for her wedding she had clip in fake bits, curled it all, took it back off her face…and ultimately hated it! So much so that now we are planning a photo shoot of her in her dress with hair how she wants it!

Image result for cats eye makeup

Credit to Styleoholic.com

Bride ‘L’ had completely different make up – cats eyes flicks, sculptured lines, bright lips. Admittedly she looked amazing, but not like herself, and her groom was a little shocked when he saw her. She was going for a specific look, and while it suited the dress and the accessories, she looked so much not like her that when she got changed later it took a couple of people to while to recognise her without the big white dress as a clue!


So why go to great pains to look different? And what does your groom think?  We asked!

“I have always seen my wedding as a chance to be a full on princess, to dress up and pretend to be someone else. I’ll never do it again so I wanted to fulfil my fantasy dream of a being a Princess Bride”

“When I saw her she looked totally stunning – but I did have to do a double take! I was obviously prepared for the big white dress and a possible veil but nothing prepared me for how different she looked to herself. I liked it, but it was a shock and I was somewhat distracted during our vows – I kept looking for the bits of her I knew!”

And what about (dare we say it) your figure. To lose weight or not, surgery (yes some brides take that drastic step!) and major sculpting knickers!  When I chose my beautiful wedding dress I was asked if I planned on losing weight. Not in a negative way, the lovely lady just wanted to warn me of the dangers! Some dresses are not designed to be taken in by too many sizes!  And would I prefer to order it in a smaller size (seriously not recommended, the pressure would be far too much!).  She told me a tale of one woman who bought her dress in a size 22, and returned 10 months later (I know, who buys a dress that far in advance…) a size 14. The dress could not be altered that drastically and she had to buy a new one. Lucky for her the dress shop were very understanding and let her swap, but she had to settle for a stock dress rather than the gorgeous one she wanted.

I’ve heard of brides getting their nose or boobs done. I’m not sure why you would think that your wedding day is a great time to a) go through major surgery (with all it’s potential pitfalls) or b) to make yourself into this ‘perfect version’ of yourself for what amounts to one day – you have to live with these changes for life – are you sure that’s what you want? And if it is, why are you choosing your wedding day to launch a new you?

Image result for mullets and beards

Thanks to Zwinglius Redivivus – it’s not just me then!

And it’s not just brides that are following this trend!  Grooms are getting in on the action too, with new hair cuts, growing beards (the new generation version of a mullett if you ask me but hey, each to his own!) and wearing a suit they would never normally look at never mind wear for a day and get photographed in!

“My husband is a strictly jeans and tee kind of man, but planning our wedding unleashed some kind of beast and he had just as much fun as me trying on morning suits (tails or coat, cummerbund or not, cravat or tie – seriously it took forever!).”

Whatever you’re planning, however your hair or face (or body) ends up – as long as you have a wonderful day with memories to cherish, well, isn’t that all that matters? ♥

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