How to choose your Wedding Photographer

Have you given any thought to your wedding photographer yet? Do you believe you can just go get one and they will be perfect? Not so.

Choosing the RIGHT wedding photographer is key to the best possible mementos of your very special day.  Your personalities need to match, they need to understand the vision for your day, and they need to be able to coax the catwalk model out of you.  All this while being really rather good at delivering high quality fabulous images of your day.

Photographers see the Bridezilla more than anyone on a wedding day.  If there’s little or no synergy between you, you are setting them up to fail and you will not get the images you desire.

Read on to find out how we recommend finding your photographer.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Set your budget before anything else
Photography is a huge chunk of your budget (or at least, it should be).  While we would all love to choose our photographer based on their images alone, we have to admit that budget is a factor.  This doesn’t mean that uncle Marvin should take your photos because he’s pretty good with his DLSR. It means work out what you can spend and then get the very best for your budget.  That might mean only having your super dooper photographer for three hours and uncle Marvin does the rest, but at least you’re guaranteed those awesome memory shots.  Just don’t let uncle Marvin get in the way of your professional.

♥ Your venue is key
Don’t go looking for a photographer until you’ve set your venue.  Dark barn vs bright orangery vs beach wedding = totally different skills and styles.  Your venue also says something about your personality and that will help your photographer to start envisioning your day.

♥ Go to wedding fairs
One thing fairs are definitely good for is meeting photographers face to face.  You can find their work on line or might have seen other people’s photos, but you can’t beat meeting and chatting with a photographer to find out if they match your requirements and your personality.

Are Wedding Fairs worth the effort?

♥ Are recommendations the way forward?
Of course. But use the recommendation to meet the photographer and check out their work. Don’t just book them because your mate’s sister used them – take the time to meet them, get to know them and have them understand you.  Venue recommendations?  Sure – the photographer knows the venue and where to take the best photos. But if you go this route you still need to challenge your photographer to find other sweet spots. You don’t want someone else’s photos, you want your own.

♥ Talk and Listen
If you don’t tell a photographer what your vision for your day is, they will take the reigns and use their own vision. Which may not match yours. SO speak up – be honest, be specific.  And then listen to their ideas.  Photographers are, by nature, creative people and are constantly updating their knowledge and techniques. So you might not know exactly what you want, or know what you want but not know if it’s possible. Listen to them and they will guide you.

♥ Look for creativity
A while ago it was all about sparkler photos (lush), and before that it was all about getting everyone on one page with individual shots. Then there were the confetti shots.  Your photographer will know all of these ‘fads’ but don’t be scared to hear their more ‘out there’ ideas and let them lead you on an amazing photographic journey.

♥ Expensive does NOT mean awesome
Just b


ecause there’s a hefty price tag does not mean you will get the best results.  And the same the other way round. I know plenty of photographers that don’t charge the earth but still produce the most amazing quality images. The only way to know the quality of the work is to see it.  Be aware – there are some people out there who ‘play’ at photography, because they enjoy it and have nothing else to do. These people will likely charge a substantially lower rate which may lure you in. Just check the work!

Love a photographer’s work but not got the budget? If your wedding is on an ‘out of season’ date, you might be able to hire them for a couple of hours to get the pivotal shots you want.

What can you expect to pay for wedding photography?

♥ Post Process
The work doesn’t stop when your day ends. Your photographer goes home, loads up the computer and gets to work making sure every image you’re going to get is perfect.  Some don’t use filters, some create a crisp finish, others still go for a softer edge. This is a discussion you must have to make sure you get the images you want!

In summary, your wedding photographer should not only be brilliant at producing the images that will be THE lasting reminder of your day, but should also suit your personality and understand your vision.

Your photos are the only lasting memory of your day that you can share with others and hand down for generations. What’s in your memory will start to fade and so having the right person taking those shots is pivotal to the way you remember your day.

And here’s the kicker – you won’t see everything that happens on your wedding day. That’s your photographer’s job. So choose wisely. Say Cheese 

Here are some shots of the day my photographer captured that I didn’t see

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Done all this and got your photographer on board? Now keep them happy!  Ten ways to make your wedding photographer happy

Thanks to Andreas Feininger at for the featured image.

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