100 thoughts I had on my Wedding Day

  1. I’m getting married today. TODAY!!
  2. It’s still dark. Why am I awake? Tad excited I suspect
  3. Not as excited as my niece and flower girl, Holly
    Who gets up and shouts ‘ooh this floor is cold’ at the top of her voice. I’m awake. Again. Might as well get up (it’s 5.30am).
  4. When is the farmer coming to cook breakfast? (this is not as odd as it sounds – we stayed in a farmhouse the night before!)
  5. Games with Holly in the kitchen to keep her occupied. She loves her teddy (which she will carry in place of flowers) and her Here Comes The Bride flag.10363959_798224390188667_6309192217888875045_n
  6. There’s going to be big bags under my eyes, thank god I’m getting my make-up done by someone who knows what they’re doing
  7. When is the farmer coming to cook breakfast?
  8. Might as well shower now, before everyone gets up
  9. The farmer is here, to cook breakfast!
  10. It’s snowing.
  11. Is it bad luck to see Mr Wedmother before the ceremony? I just want a little kiss…
  12. Oh dear god it’s noisy when 14 people have breakfast together in one room
  13. It’s still snowing. Not proper nice big white fluffy flakes though. Nope, it’s sleety sloppy cold wet flakes.
  14. Bags packed, bouquets retrieved (we made them last night, much fun) lets get in the car
  15. Back out of the car, give gifts (cufflinks) to dad and best manImage result for wedding cufflinks
  16. Kiss husband-to-be again
  17. The sun is out, yay!
  18. Not keen on being in the back but I might get some shut-eye on the 40 minute journey
  19. It’s sleeting. Sideways.
  20. The crocuses have all gone. I was so hoping for a photo in that little glade20180322_124503This was the crocuses on our anniversary in 2018. There were not there on our wedding day!
  21. Has the second shoot photographer turned up at the farmhouse to photograph the boys? (frantic text). Yep. Phew.
  22. I’m glad I chose to get ready downstairs, just looking at those three flights makes my feet twitch
  23. Is my brother here yet? Pretty sure he is good with tech, he can set up the Skype for the reading and my mum
  24. The hairdresser’s here. Wait…shouldn’t I have my make-up base on by now, then?
  25. What do you mean my make-up artist isn’t here, and isn’t coming????? (I had many more words than this in this particular thought. But I’m too much of a lady to type them!!!)
  26. No, I don’t fancy popping to Sainsbury’s to buy some make-up for my wedding day! That will not take care of the 5.30am bags.
    (Bridesmaid frantically calls local department store to get my make-up sorted)
  27. Breathe. Lancome have it sorted, you’re fine.selectedColor
  28. I need water.
  29. The sun is still out, yay!
  30. Oh no, I need to pom-pom the pom-poms. I need to get back
  31. Yay for multi-tasking hairdressers – pom-poms all pom-pommed
  32. This hairdresser is awesome – totally changed up my hair from the trial and has done two extra heads to boot, not to mention being a bit of a pom-pom queen
  33. Hang on a minute….if my make-up artist isn’t here who’s going to sing while we sign the register
  34. Who has a make-up artist that sings as well as doing make-up?
    (Venue offers for young barman to sing for us with his guitar. He doesn’t know the song but he learns it as he goes to pick up his guitar. What a superstar)
  35. Noon? How the heck did that happen?
  36. Ughh I really dislike tights
  37. Is it too early to open the champers? No.
  38. Ooh chilled fizzy goodness, perfect
  39. Oh no, message from my friend in Oz – she’s not well so won’t be able to do the reading live. Good job she pre-recorded it for me in case of emergency
  40. Must tell brother to set up recording instead of Skpye
  41. Why are people here already?
  42. Best nip out to give the groom’s gift to the barman and order that shot of Dalwhinnie for him
  43. I’m a bit peckish, has anyone got any snacks
    (Crisps magically appear)
  44. Where is my bridesmaid (the one who had a skiing incident two weeks ago and can barely walk)
  45. Where’s my other bridesmaid (the one saved by Dior as she had planned on using my make-up artist too)
  46. Oh they look beautiful in those dresses. So glad I wasn’t a ‘zilla when they asked to change the colour – it’s perfect!
  47. Yay they like the bracelets
  48. Cheers!
  49. First look at the cake (totally trusted my cake lady). It’s awesome. I can hear people talking about it, that makes me happy!Our love story in cake. Every part edible – even the knife and the animals!Image may contain: indoor
  50. Man I hate tights
  51. I hope no-one spots me running from the loo with just a top, tights, my shoes and my veil on…
  52. Time to get into my dress
  53. Can anyone see through that window?
  54. Ah Holly, you look gorgeous in your dress
  55. Is my photographer here? He’s very stealthy!
    FYI yes, he had been there since 10am and was indeed so stealthy I didn’t notice him. And the photos of that time are awesome
  56. And breathe in
  57. Tighter ladies, lets give me a waist to die for
  58. Hi daddy
    My dad pops in once my dress is on to give me a pressie. It’s my something blue
  59. Is this going to make me cry? No. Oh good.No automatic alt text available.
  60. Liar!!
    Beautiful blue diamond earrings and a personalised blue and white hanky. Love you daddy
  61. That’ll go right there (stuffs hanky into cleavage)
  62. Ok Pop, are you ready? Lets go
  63. I love this music but I didn’t realise how emosh I’d be getting
  64. Ohh look at him. He looks lush. And calm!
  65. Why is my dad on the right? Do a little turn, there we go.
  66. Hello nearly husband!Groom photo
  67. Don’t cry
  68. Stop looking at his mum, you’re gonna cry
  69. Ah what a lovely reading all the way from Australia
  70. ‘She’s not done yet’
    Bit of a personal joke….while doing one reading Jayne stopped for a breath and the registrar started talking. ‘She’s not done yet’ I said, as I knew the reading backwards. Giggles.
  71. We’re married! Yay!
  72. Hello mum – all the way from France on Skype. She’s been with my brother up to now but he’s brought her forward so she can at least be in the photos (with her hat on!)

    Ma on Skype

    My mum on Skype with her hat on!

  73. Can’t go wrong with a bit of Bay City Rollers ‘I only wanna be with you’
  74. Ooh look, Pimm’sImage may contain: 1 person
  75. Wanna see my shoes?
    Lifts dress, flashes Cat shoes, lots of photos takenNo automatic alt text available.
  76. This photo lark takes way too long, bored now. Lucky for me my photographer is very understanding
  77. Where are those canapes?
  78. Can I have some more Pimm’s please
  79. Time for the line up – just me and hubby and a lot of people to cuddle
  80. Quick change of the wrap that comes with my dress to make it a bolero so it’s out of the way for eating.
  81. ‘Bring me Sunshine’… ah I love this song, everyone is clapping along. time to eat
  82. Good choice on the food
  83. Doing the speech together, I thought he might get a little nervous.Image may contain: 6 people, indoor
  84. Look at all of those smiley faces; every one of them someone very special to us. Fabulous
  85. Best man speech, pretty calm really.
  86. Uh-oh, here comes the bridesmaid speech.
  87. Don’t cry (again)
  88. Thank god this is all being caught on video, I can’t wait to watch it back. I love these girlsImage may contain: 1 person
  89. Back outside for a last few photos before we lose the light
  90. Can we go off by ourselves for 10 minutes – I’ve barely spoken to my husband
  91. Have people been in the photo booth room yet? Yep!Image may contain: 2 people
  92. How is it 7.30 already – people are arriving for the evening bash
  93. It seems a shame to but into this cake but here goes
  94. First dance. So when your make-up artist doesn’t turn up, doesn’t sing as you sign the register and doesn’t sing your first dance as promised, what do you do? Thank you Ellie Goulding
  95. And here comes the 80s dancing
  96. Mmmm pork and apples buns with wedges – perfect.
  97. Cake of Cheeeeeeeeese! Yes, you can eat it. Gimme some!Image may contain: food and indoor
  98. ‘Oops up side your head’
    There is photographic evidence but some people might not like it so I’m being kind!
  99. My feet hurt and my cheeks ache from smiling – must have been a good day 😁
  100. It can’t be over, can we do it again? ♥

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