Wedding One-UpManship


Weddings are big business but quite often we come across the same stuff – candy carts, caricaturists, magicians, singing ‘fake’ waiters.  Brides are always on a quest to go one better than the last wedding they went to and if that was a family wedding, then one-up-manship is a definite.

But what if the last family wedding you went to was on the telly. With two billion people watching and two nations joining hands?  With the entire fashion world waiting with bated breath to know who designed the dress, and people flying in from around the world just to get a glimpse of the bride.  What if that is what you have to get one-up on?

Princess Eugenie is facing just that.  Someone said, on the day of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, that there ‘won’t be another Royal Wedding for 25 years’. Um, sure there will, it’s in October.  When Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank in the very same St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

It’s reported that she will likely have gorgeous Prince George and Princess Charlotte in her bridal party, and will also have a procession around the town.  And it’s probably going to be broadcast because, well, a Royal Wedding is BIG news and very interesting to the rest of world, brings in oodles of income, ups the tourism figures (we’ll never beat this year unless we’re lucky enough to have two Royal Weddings in the same year again!) and generally makes everyone (but the boring old nay-sayers) happy and smiley.

So, we have the same chapel, the same attendants, the same parade route and the same broadcasting opportunity. What, then, can the lovely Eugenie do to stand out and NOT have her wedding compared to her cousin Harry’s?

The dress, for one.  Eugenie is known for her unique sense of style and often breaks Royal dress codes and so will, according to experts which include bespoke dress maker River Elliot Bridal, likely choose a cinched waist with a full skirt (the polar opposite of the Duchess of Sussex) and (gasp) may not choose long sleeves (although it’s believed that shoulders should be covered at all times when entering a church, full sleeves are not necessarily required but this would make her, I think, the first Royal not to wear long sleeves).

As for her attendants, while she may well have the littl’uns that Meghan chose I would be extremely surprised if her sister was not beside (well, behind) her on her wedding day, they are very close and Eugenie recently gushed about her older sibling in a speech at the We Day UK charity concert. Jack, it seems, only has a brother and we’ll make a grand leap that he will be best man, much as Harry and Will were to each other.  Meghan’s choice not to have a maid of honour was reportedly down to having too close a group of friends to choose just one.  I had two bridesmaids and let them duke it out over who got ‘the title’. They opted for joint ownership.

Of course, Eugenie will arrive with her dad – Prince Andrew was reported as being very excited about the engagement and like most dads is, we imagine, anxiously excited about walking his first daughter to wed down the aisle to her waiting beau.  After seven years of courting, dating and engagement, we’d be ready too.

There will, I’m sure, be many elements that we don’t see that will make Eugenie’s wedding very much hers. Bowl food may not be considered!  Unless you attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding you can’t be sure of what happened behind the scenes.  But you can probably count on two things for definite when Eugenie marries Jack. She will have two dresses (telly dress and party dress – this is becoming a staple). And there won’t be an American preacher to steal the show.

Over the next few months details will be released and a picture of the next Royal Wedding will start to emerge. and I can’t wait.  I love a good wedding, I really love a good Royal Wedding and I don’t care how far down the line the Royal is – I want to see the pomp, I want to coo over the dress and the bridesmaids, I want to see the carriage parade and dammit I want to pretend it’s me ♥


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