Micro Weddings

Most of us opt for a ‘normal sized’ wedding. That is to say, around 100 guests with maybe another 30 or so attending for the evening.  We want to shout our love from the roof tops and make sure everyone gets to join in.

But what if you want a smaller crowd? What if you don’t have a big family and your closest friends are the only ones you want by your side? Perhaps your scared of public speaking or have a very limited budget.

Enter the Micro Wedding.

With around 20 guests or less the Micro Wedding is becoming really quite popular and a great alternative to eloping.  It suits budgets and saves arguments over the seating plan.  Your witnesses and guests are people you like instead of strangers, and it’s in a place you like instead of somewhere obscure.  We can’t guarantee you don’t go home to some rather upset family and friends – that rather depends on your guest list.

We delve a little deeper into micro weddings so you can decide if it’s for you.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥  Catering
The absolute benefit of a micro wedding is seen in the catering element of planning.  It can, of course, be nice and budget friendly.  OR it can be the perfect excuse to go a little crazy – hire a top chef, a high end restaurant and drink only the best French champagne. You could really go all out to eat and drink like you (probably) never will again.

♥  Planning
There’s still outfits to buy, a room to dress and food to choose but there’s no denying that doing all that for 20 instead of 200 has to be easier and quicker, and a lot less stress inducing.  One table, no seating plan, one centre piece…easy peasy.

♥  Invitation list
The guest list and table plan are the bane of any bride planning her big day.  I seriously can’t imagine doing a guest list for 300, so I probably wouldn’t!  But is it easier to only invite 20 people? Well that really does depend on the type of family you have and how good you are at telling them it’s your wedding.  Years ago my dad was invited to his friend’s very exclusive wedding….without his partner! There was no plus-one, and as she wasn’t ‘the friend’ she wasn’t on the invite list. Fair enough!

♥  Location
If you’re planning a micro wedding you will be inundated with choice for your reception.  Your favourite restaurant could even make the shortlist.  Lots of venues have small intimate areas for 20 or less people and you can make them look amazing.

♥  Time
This is a definite plus of a micro wedding.  It takes a loooong time to serve 200, 300 guests and during that time you might be able to flit to a few tables and chat to people, but you have a lot of people to chat to!  With just twenty or so guests you’ll be able to spend some real quality time with each guest and create some lovely memories of the day.

So what, if any, are the negatives of a micro wedding?  There are a few that you might want to consider:

♥  If you want to get married at the height of summer a lot of venues have minimum numbers for weekends, which could limit your choices.

♥  You’re going to have a lot of cake left over!  (We’re not totally sure this is a negative)

♥  Your photographer might be limited as to the number of photos they can take without repeating the same faces

♥  The dance floor could look a little empty.  That said, more room to bust your moves.

There you have it; the Fairy Wedmother guide to Micro Weddings.  Save money and have a lavish honeymoon or have the world at your wedding – whatever you choose it is, indeed, your choice.  We hope this little guide has helped you decide how you want your wedding to be.

Is a Micro Wedding for you? Or are there way too many people on your list that you couldn’t possibly narrow it down to twenty or less?  Either way a Fairy Wedmother can make you day go smoothly ♥


Big thanks to The Celebrant Directory for the cover image ♥

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