Wedmother Survival Guide – Marquee Weddings

You’re clutching the long awaited invitation starring at the location. It can only mean one thing – the wedding is in a marquee (or a teepee – whatever, it’s a giant tent).  Is this a good thing? You don’t know.  You DO know that it’s not going to be like going to a posh hotel, or a normal dry hire venue with, you know, walls and stuff.

A wedding in a marquee can be amazing – lots of space, usually in a big field so lots of outside space and always light and airy.  Until it rains, or gets windy. Then, as a guest, not so much.

Here’s our survival guide for guests invited to marquee weddings

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Shoes are your biggest issue here.  Heels sink in the grass when you’re outside and catch in the hessian carpet when you’re inside. So what to do?  Well, flats are always an option but as it’s likely you’ll change into flats for the night do and the dancing you might not want to start out that way. So wedges is your answer here. But nice, sexy wedges, not wedges that make your feet look like hooves.

Or…. you can get these babies….Grass Walkers (watch the video!)

♥ If it’s sunny it’s going to be hot in there. If it’s not it’s going to be cold in there.  While the sides can come up if it hot, and there’ll likely be some heaters or a fire pit (teepee) when it’s cold, it’s almost impossible to regulate the temperature of a marquee when it’s full of bodies. Layering is your only answer, in the form of a wrap/pashmina/bolero/fancy cardie.  Bring a fan (battery or wavey). Or bring handwarmers.

♥ Ok so you’ve sorted the outfit, got the layers right and found the perfect grass-worthy shoes.  What else are you going to encounter in this marquee?  That’s right…chemical toilets.  Depending on budget, your B&G will have either splashed out on posh loos, with steps, mirrors, sinks – the works. Or they’ll have a couple of honeybuckets and you’ll feel like you’re at a festival.  Men are happy, they’ll pee anywhere. We girls…well…we won’t.  Always best to have a few emergency tissues and possibly a wet wipe or two to hand.  And watch out for the blue stuff if you’re wearing a pale colour….lift everything good and high!


Thanks to AndyLoos for the images

♥ Get your taxi booked!  Marquees tend to be in the middle of no-where so calling for a taxi to come from the closest city at midnight – when all of the pubs are kicking out – is asking for a long wait. And as there’s usually security on site and the site gets locked down, you’re waiting outside. In whatever the weather is doing.

♥ A marquee does tend to be just one room so when it comes to turning that room around from day to night you’ll have to go somewhere, or get in the way. Or be roped into helping…Pray for sunshine so you can slope off.

♥ Brides who plan marquee weddings often go the rustic route.  This could mean linseed oiled tables and wooden chairs.  Watch out for stains and snags on that perfect.  Tip – baby wipes get rid of most things so shove some in your bag.  Take a spare pair of tights.  And sit on your pashmina if you’re hot.  Save snagging your tights or potentially ripping your dress.  You might be lucky, your bride might have chosen Chivari chairs and tables with linens.

A marquee wedding can be a magical experience, tucked in a forest or in a field, under the stars with an awesome backdrop.  And, potentially, a lot of mud, heat and sinking. Either way surviving one is easy if you’ve read our tips!

Been invited to a marquee wedding?  Point your bride to our Marquee Wedding Check List. And encourage her to have a Wedmother on the day (we won’t put you to work, we promise!). ♥

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