The Post-Wedding Blues

You did it…you got married! Woohoo! All of those months of planning and talking weddings and looking at sparkly things and telling people what you want them to do….POOFT…..over. Just like that.

The Post-Wedding Blues are a real thing, so how are you going to deal with them?  What are you going to do with your time now? Here’s our take on how to get over those Post- Wedding Blues….hope it helps (please read with a smile, and occasionally with your tongue in your cheek….!)

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥         ♥           ♥

♥ Have a late honeymoon. This is what we did, it kept the wedding celebrations going for another 6 months and put us fully back in wedding mode when we set off on our Honeymoon.

friend getting married♥ Is one of your friends getting married? You know you owe it to her to pass on your newly gained wedding expertise!  Really, you’ve just done it, surely she would be a fool to pass up your help….😀

♥ Go to the wedding fairs anyway. I mean, a magician and cake are both useful at a birthday party or other celebration…surely they’re not JUST for weddings? …and the goody bag is just a bonus. But take your wedding ring off before you go!

Wedding fairs

♥ Do what I did with my Friend and have a second photo shoot! It’s a lot of fun, you get to wear your dress again, maybe change your hair, try it with/out a veil, get some different poses. No one says your wedding photos have to be taken on your wedding day!Claire Hedge BW

♥ Do the other thing I did and set up a wedding related business!

♥ Sign up to some wedding blogs and read about all of things you could have done on your day! This might seem counter-intuitive but it’s a great way to look back at your day and remember why you made the choices you did, and to (possibly) feel a little smug about those choices!  Besides, you’re bound to renew those vows one day, so strictly speaking it’s research…..

Prom image♥ Plan something else. Your birthday, your first anniversary, your niece’s birthday/graduation/prom. Anything to put you back in planning mode with just as much sparkle but with a little less stress on your relationship!

♥ Remember you’re not alone. Your groom, parents and bridesmaids have all been living and breathing your wedding plans along side you.  They’ll be missing it too.  We did a screening of our wedding video and photos with champagne and wedding cake, and I wore my tiara.  Blues 0 – Bride 1!Tiara and Champagne

Puppy and kitten♥ And what are you going to talk about now? Pretty much every conversation you’ve had for the past 6/12/18 months has had the word ‘wedding’ in it.  If you’re having a late honeymoon this is taken care of but what if you’re not? Well, there’s always the pitter-patter of tiny feet. Or, rather, paws (come on guys, not everyone wants to pop out a baby minutes after saying ‘I do’!). Get a puppy or a kitten, everyone loves to talk about them and who doesn’t love a funny cat/dog video. Besides, it will prepare you for when you do make the choice to become parents (and that’s a whole other blog!)

For a slightly more educated way to deal with those blues, check out these points from fellow blog pages and The Knot  see what an actual celebrity psychologist has to say!

And remember, you have your marriage at the end of it ♥Monica never be a bride

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