Bridezilla Alert – how to spot and deal with one!

I believe I was as far removed from a Bridezilla as it’s possible to be. You’d have to check with my bridesmaids but I think they’d agree with me…

I met my fair share of brides while working as a hotel receptionist in my early career. I’m going back to the late 80s here people, when Bridezilla wasn’t a word but was definitely a thing!

But what constitutes a Bridezilla, how do you spot one and – most importantly – how do you deal with one!

♥ Bridezilla will pick the worst possible dresses for her bridesmaids

Image result for hideous bridesmaid dress
Now this I just don’t understand! You still have to have photos of the hideousness! And why, oh why, would you put your friends (people you allegedly love) in something that makes them look like they’ve just been an extra in a Little Bo Peep horror remake? Stand your ground Bridesmaids….Just Say NO!

I loved my bridesmaid so much I changed my colour scheme.  I wanted dusky pink but one BM looked orange and the other one disappeared. They both fell in love with an amethyst number that made them both look great so we went with that!

 ♥ Bridezilla will demand (not ask)

You can spot a bride about to ‘zilla’-out by the way her needs change. No longer will she politely request you pop out to get her a sugar fix. Instead you will hear words like GET ME or I WANT followed by a seething ‘NOW’!  What to do as this happens?  Just do it. Just get it, do it with a smile. She may not realise she’s having a Brideszilla moment and just needs the love of those around her to understand. But behind the smile there’s nothing to stop you plotting her downfall after the wedding….

♥ Bridezilla’s tone will become slightly menacing

Image result for hiding behind curtainsAnd she’ll probably lower her head and raise her eyes. When this happens it’s acceptable to hide under the nearest table or behind the nearest curtains (so long as they’re full length, otherwise it’s not really hiding) and wait for the tone to return to her version of normal. It will. Eventually. Probably when her sugar fix arrives…

♥ Bridezilla won’t settle

Before the Big Day even arrives your seemingly sweet, carefree bride can have a full Zilla blow out based on the following:
♦The Flowers she MUST have aren’t available
♦The Flowers are available but she’s simply not paying £10 per flower head. ‘Why can’t I have them for £1’ she wimpers as she lowers her head….
♦The 18 tier cake is a MUST. And all of the tiers must be real. And different flavours. With different flowers on each layer. And….. you get the picture
♦There’s no way she’s having an ‘off the rack dress’.. If it’s not fit for Catherine or Pippa then it’s not going near her body

And on it goes. During these moments you’ll need to hold your nerve, use soothing tones and say things like ‘that’s so last year, you need to be ahead of the curve, be a trail blazer’ and soon she will agree to what fits her budget while meeting her demands!

♥ Bridezilla will guard everything

And woe betide anyone who touches anything without gloves (the invitations must arrive in pristine condition. A true Brideszilla with either get her MoH and Bridesmaids to hand deliver them – wherever they live – or ensure the poor postie knows just what will happen if there’s so much as a smudge on an envelope).  She will NOT let you see the dress, NOT share the table plan, NOT allow you know the colour scheme! Just deal with it. Or steal her Wedding Planner when she goes to the loo!

♥ Bridezilla will have her own way on everything

Image result for lightbulb moment Grooms….this one’s for you. You might think you’ve had input in your wedding but trust me, that’s just a very clever Bridezilla’s way of putting the idea in your head so you suggest it. But it came from her!  Of course, she may listen to what you have to say, let you think you’re giving input but ultimately she will poo-poo all of your ideas knowing that hers are SO much better. And right ♥

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