Hot Stuff! How to survive a scorcher of a wedding day

You might think this header is for those of you travelling far and wide to get wed but you’d be wrong! Of course these tips could help anyone getting married in a warm climate, but I’m aiming them at UK brides who, lets face it, just won’t be expecting major sunshine on their wedding day. Hoping….yes – prepared…probably not!

So here are some ways to keep your cool while all around you are losing their make-up!

♥         ♥          ♥           ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

Lets start there shall we!  Just how do you keep your face from sliding off when there’s around 100 cameras on you?
Bad make up (2)♥ A good base is key. And a clean face to put it on! Keep a hand fan handy to keep your face dry while applying your makeup.
♥ Try using oil free products to minimise the moisture on your face
♥ Avoid shimmery type products (this is just a generally good tip – they reflect the                  flash of a camera and can have the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for!)
♥ Find a cool space to apply your make-up. A warm room will make you sweat and                nothing is sticking to an already damp face!
♥ Keep face blotting paper to hand to keep the sheen off, especially during major                    photo time
And my TOP TIP?  ♥ Get a professional to do it!  Even if you’re on a budget.  Get booked into a department store, have someone come to the house, whatever your budget there’s an option to suit. These people put make up on faces for a living – they know how to make it work!

If you’re getting married in the summer months the chances are you’ll get some heat. How is your dress going to cope with that?
♥ Consider the potential weather when choosing your wedding dress.  Your Bridal Boutique will be able to recommend breathable and light fabrics.
♥ Get dressed in a cool space! Or stand in front of a fan! Sounds obvious but I’ve seen many brides trying to wiggle into tight frocks with a warm sweaty body and rrriiipppp!
Image result for wedding dress hoop  ♥ Big dress? Use a hoop. They don’t work for every dress but where they do, they’ll keep the swathes of fabric away from your legs and you can do an impromptu ‘waft’ every now and then to get some air up there!  Your Bridal Boutique might hire one, or they’re cheap enough from Ebay and there’s loads to choose from

Pongy emojiKeeping the ‘pong’ at bay! This one’s for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids, friends, family, the vicar…
♥ Baby wipes are your best friend
♥ Use ANTI-PERSPIRANT not Deodorant. The clue is in the name people!
♥ Keep a ‘proper’ cotton hanky to hand. Tissues tend to stick and little whites bits of tissue stuck on your face/neck/armpit is not a good look
♥ Plan to change your pants. Yep, I know, no-one likes to talk about this stuff but you’ll be in your knickers for HOURS, standing, sitting, walking, sweating, dancing. Change your pants!
♥ Be kind to your guests – pop a vanity basket in the loos with mini’s in to keep them – and you – nice and fresh

And other ways to keep you and your guests cool?

♥ Turn your Order of Service cards into hand held fans – just attach a lolly stick or similar and viola! Etsy has some great ideas and even a kit to get you started.

♥ Bring along some white brollies – they’re not just for the rain, but will act as a parasol in the sunshine

♥ Keep a mini battery fan in your bag.

♥ Check if your venue has air conditioning. Most do but older venues may not be able to install something like that so ask them to provide fans in certain places to keep the air moving

Image result for wedding cake icing melting

Thanks to for this corker!

♥ Listen to your cake maker – you might want bavarian cream or confectioners custard but any baker worth her buttercream will put you off. Certain fillings or frostings just don’t like the heat and no amount of air conditioning will save it. No one wants a cake avalanche on their wedding day!

♥ Similarly, listen to your florist!  Some flowers are simply not built for the heat and will wilt faster than a tulip in a hot window!

♥ Get your hair up!  A sweaty neck and back will kill your curls and hair stuck to a damp back is not a good look! If you really MUST have your hair down, perhaps just do it for the photos and maybe pop it up after ready for the dancing.  Kirby grips and bobble – that’s all you need!

♥Ah but on that note – remember to sunscreen your neck if you’re going to be outside.

Quite frankly I could go on and on with this one!  It’s all common sense but it’s easy to forget these things in the excitement of your big day, so I hope some of this resonates and helps you to keep your face on and your ‘pits’ dry on your big day ♥

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