Let’s hear it for the Boy(s)

Let’s face it, weddings are pretty much all about the Bride. And then the bridesmaids, and then the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom….and maybe at this point in the list it can be about the Groom. Maybe!

So in the spirit of fairness, lets give you fellas some hints and tips on enjoying YOUR special day!

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

Proper shave♥ It’s important to look good! You might not have a say in the suit, the cravat or the flower, but there is nothing stopping you booking yourself in for a proper shave/beard grooming before or on the big day. Treat yourself!

♥ Same goes for what we can’t see!  We all know brides have the best under garments to help make them feel special and even…Shhh…sexy! And there’s no reason why you can’t too. Get some fabulous pants, a pair of designer socks to keep your feet fresh and people will wonder what you’re smiling about with all that comfort and style going on underneath.

A table with whisky glasses on it♥ You might think it’s fun to get completely ratted the night before but trust me, it’s not! No bride wants to stand there watching her groom wobble and wondering if she’s about to have chunks blown all over her (usually very expensive) dress.  So instead do something you might not usually. Have a whisky or gin tasting, splash out on a really amazing bottle of wine and totally immerse yourself in the taste. But make sure you stop at one. And don’t do all three….

Image result for tiffany packaging♥ To gift or not to gift….? You might think you’ve done your bit by buying the sparkler when you proposed but there’s nothing stopping you getting a little something to show her you love her and you’re glad you’re getting married. I didn’t expect a present from my groom on our wedding day but you know your bride best!  And please don’t get a present because you want one too…she might not get you one because she’s been busy planning the major event – and for that you should think about a thank you. And when do you give it to her? Well…that really depends on what it is!

♥ Your mum will get emotional. MoG is often overlooked in favour of MoB but your mum is ‘losing her little boy’ and although she’s gaining a daughter she knows she’s lost a little bit of your heart. Give her a break, and give her a cuddle!

♥ Worried about nerves?  Worried about all those people watching you?  No, don’t picture them naked (that’s just weird!), instead just look ahead, straight at your bride and the person joining you together. Tune into their words and everything else will disappear. And breathe. But not too deeply – all that oxygen might make you dizzy!

♥ Ah and what about the speech? Oh we’ve seen some doozies! One groom went on for twenty minutes, had visual aids and everything (he was very nearly immediately divorced though).  Mr Wedmother and I did that bit together. He was a little nervous and in reality it is US who are thanking everyone.  He did tell me I looked stunning so he got his brownie points. Others we’ve seen stand up, say 20 words, raise a glass and sit back down. Whatever you decide, 2 minutes or twenty, run it by someone first, practice (see my blog about How not to cry when doing your Wedding reading – great tips on there!) and smile!  They’re not listening anyway – they’re waiting for the Best Man speech….

Enjoy your day grooms, you deserve it! ♥

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