8 Free Ways to use Video in your Wedding

Trust us, there are some things you’ll want to capture on video rather than relying on just photos.  You might not want a full on videography service, so we’ve checked out a few ways to do it yourself for free.

My bridesmaids did the most amazing speech and whilst I have the speech itself it’s not a patch on the delivery! So I was super chuffed that my father in law offered to video the wedding day for us and edited it into a fantastic movie that we’ve watched over and over, including that amazing speech by my girls.

In fact I watched the video twice as soon as we got it because so much of the day was a blur and went by so quickly. I had no real memory of our vows, and there’s a funny bit in one of the readings that I’m so glad we have on film.  We also invited both sets of parents over for a glass of fizzy when we premiered our movie!

If your budget doesn’t allow for the expense of a professional videographer there are some things you can do yourself that cost nothing but time and are sure to give you goosebumps when you watch them back in a year. Or ten years. Or on your 50th anniversary!

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ The night before your wedding, while you’re sat with your family and he’s with his, when you’re excited but fairly calm, record each other a message. On your phone, or tablet. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just say how you’re feeling, what you’re looking forward to most (about your wedding day and your marriage), why you love each other and want to get married.  This can serve as the beginning to your professional video or just be edited together for a keepsake with the suggestions to follow. You’ll want to watch it every anniversary. And perhaps after a big fight…!

♥ Ask two or three trusted guests (people who may not have another role in the wedding but who you know would be honoured to help) to video special moments. Not the whole day, just key parts; the vows, the speeches, the line up and walk in.  Bits that look great on camera but will be awesome on film!  No pressure, make sure they know you’re not expecting professional standards and that anything they can capture will be welcome.  One of my friends caught me asking my dad if he was OK before we walked down the aisle. I don’t even remember saying it!

♥ Set up a ‘big brother’ diary room and ask your guests to pop in to leave you a message. Be warned though – to start with you’ll get some wonderful messages from those who love you most but to end, it’s only going to get more and more inappropriate as the drinking goes on but hey, these are great memories too!

♥ Have someone film the guests arriving. This was the one bit I missed out on.  Although my wonderful photographers captured some great images of our guests and my groom in the bar I would have liked a little video, perhaps some messages and to see them going in to sit, feel the buzz of excitement.  There are parts you’ll miss while you’re getting dressed that your groom will get to experience; these bits you should get someone to capture for you.

♥ Make up some silly questions for your guests to be filmed answering, or set some challenges such as answering all questions mimicking your partner. Always good to have a bit of humour in your wedding video!

♥ Ask one person on each table to do a video sweep of their table, getting everyone to wave and say hi.  You’ll be amazed at how much you you’ll enjoy looking back on those faces (and possibly seeing who’s still together and who’s not – one of my tables; one couple got married, the rest are all separated. And it was only four years ago!).

♥ Whilst you don’t need fancy schmancy video equipment to capture some great images, you will need at least one tripod (easily sourced from somewhere like Ebay) and a couple of selfie sticks, possibly a flash too.

♥ To finish it all off, set up a camera while you open your pressies and cards.  We had a lovely time doing ours – bottle of fizzy and some wedding cake!  We know what happened but maybe it would have been nice to share that with everyone who gave us our lovely gifts.

So you see, you don’t need to spend a fortune to capture the important parts of your important day, and you don’t need to be an editing wizard either with all types of software and apps (free and paid) out there that are easy to use and ensure you get a beautiful reminder of your amazing wedding day ♥


NB _ A few things to check….will your ceremony venue allow video (some churches may not) and can anyone filming move to different positions during the vows.  Also, inform the celebrant that you’ll be videoing; it’s just polite that they know they’ll be on film!

Featured Image Diary Room courtesy of Videodiaryrooms.co.uk

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