Wedmother Survival Guide – Festival Style Weddings

In the next instalment of the Wedmother Survival Guides we tackle the Festival Wedding.

The invitation arrives, you knew it was coming and you can’t wait to open it. But wait, what’s this? A ticket? In all of the copious amounts of wedding chatter there was no indication it was going to be in a FIELD. In the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously, where do these people get their ideas?!

Cue our survival guide for getting through a Festival Style Wedding!

♥         ♥          ♥          ♥         ♥          ♥

♥ Footwear poses a problem. Does Jimmy Choo do a welly? (Turns out they do!).  But you’re unsure if you can really rock a welly. You bite the bullet and order some wellies and a nice pair of wedges. And some sparkly flats. In case Mother Nature is in a good mood and there’s no mud.

♥ Outfit is the easy part. You’re going to be sitting on grass and hay bales so no need for the usual stuffy wedding outfit. Oh no, this calls for sparkly dungarees (we’re sure they exist and if they don’t you can always make you’re own…glue gun and gems at the ready), long flowing skirts, linen trouser suits, gorgeous jumpsuits or beautiful off-the-shoulder flowery kaftan type frocks. Oh yes, this one is easy!

♥ You check the invitation for the suggested accommodation but all you can see are Yurts, cabins and (sharp intake of breath, straight through your teeth) camp site recommendations! Seriously?  No warm comfy bed. No 1000 thread count sheets. No running water. No en-suite. NO! Don’t panic: the yurts and tents have woodburners, the beds are off the ground and there’s a loo. Phew! But get in there quick – everyone got their invitations today and they’re all thinking the same thing!

♥ Hmmm, transport. You’d prefer to get the train so you check the nearest station, call the local cab companies and work out how long it’s going to take – around three and a half years.  And then you’ve got to carry all of your gear. You know what – just hire a camper van for the weekend. Covers transport AND accommodation. And looks pretty darn cool too. campervan to hire

Image from Liberty Campers

♥ Can’t think of anything better than getting your groove on to the band?  Thank god this isn’t Glasto so you can safely dance on a proper dance floor and at the front without fear of wee being chucked at you. You hope. Fear sets in.  But no, these are reasonable decent people at a WEDDING, surely they wouldn’t?  Pack a hat, a brolly, a pac-a-mac and a raincoat. Just in case.Image result for wedding pac a mac

♥ You download a weather app and in the week leading up to the wedding check it every 5 minutes or so.  That interesting weather front looms and you just know it’s going to be a mud-fest. Surely the Bride and Groom have considered this?  Surely there’s a nice warm, dry hall somewhere that will act as shelter when the rains descend?  Oh look, it’s going to be sunny. (Five minutes later) Where in the heck did that cloud come from. (Five minutes later) Snow?? Is it too late to say you’re not going?

♥ You’ve made it!  The traffic was kind, the camper van is parked and the sun is out. You hand over your ‘ticket’ and head in. Festival Weddings are a celebration of food, music and entertainment. Worries about rain, wellies and sleeping on the floor all disappear when you see the ‘pimp your prosecco’ and ‘help yourself to Pimms’ bars and a huge bath filled with ice and bottles.  And the smell coming from the cooking area is divine. How civilised.

The bride looks stunning, the happy couple are pretty chilled out and the guests are having a blast.  This might not be such a bad idea for a wedding after all ♥

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