Is Bowl Food a good idea?

Fairy Wedmother has done a few weddings where bowl food was the delectation of choice but for the evening reception rather than the main wedding breakfast, and while it went down well it did take a while to get out.  Longer than queuing for a buffet? Unsure!

In light of the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will serve bowl food to their guests, we explore the pros and cons of this culinary idea that could be set to become the wedding catering sensation of 2018.

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YES, let’s do Bowl Food

♥ Lots of choice!  Bowl Food is essentially small versions of popular dishes so you can create quite a few. Most popular that we’ve noticed include mini fish and chips, mini filled Yorkie puddings, sausage and mash.

♥ It’s easier for a caterer to cater for many tastes.  Even the most hardened meat eater is likely to try the veggie curry if it’s just  small portion being offered (less likely to take it from the buffet table).  Keeping things gluten and dairy free is a little easier too.  Nuts will always be an issue and the nut allergy sufferer is likely to always have their own food!

♥ Saves on all the stress of a table plan! And means the bride and groom can circulate easily with their guests

♥ Smaller portions and more choices satisfy the smallest, largest and pickiest of appetites and works really well for desserts as well as savoury food.

♥ Creates a more laid back ambience, taking away a degree of stress after the formalities of a long ceremony.

Maybe not such a good idea?

♥ If your guests have a seat it’s not so bad but if they’re walking about….how do you hold your bowl, eat your food and (most importantly) keep a hold of your drink?

♥ Dry cleaners everywhere are probably lauding the choice – the point above will undoubtedly result in several forms of spillage

♥ Preparation is key but in Wedmother’s experience you can’t always get the food out quick enough, and those at the back of the room will be at the mercy of the hungry pouncers closest to the kitchen!

♥ It could lead to a higher volume of food waste.  Take a bite – not keen – put it down and wait for the next dish to come out?

♥ Environmentally speaking it’s not great. On average around 5 bowls per person (more if they decide to waste the dish) leads to a greater amount of washing up than one buffet plate per person, which also means more energy used, more water wasted and more detergent into the eco-system.

So there you have it – our thoughts on Harry and Meghan’s choice. I wonder if they considered any of these when making their decision to have bowl food. Did you? ♥


Thanks to Stones Events for the great header image

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