Wedmother Survival Guide – the Destination Wedding

As if going to weddings wasn’t expensive enough, your bride goes and decides that ‘somewhere lovely and sunny, not here’ would be a great place to tie the knot.  So not only do you have hen night, outfit and accommodation to consider, you’re going to have to factor in a plane ticket. Two, if you’re going as a couple.  Watch out bank card, you’re about to get hammered!

But fear not, in this months Wedmother Survival Guide we’ll get you through the overseas wedding as quickly, cheaply and smoothly as possible. We just can’t guarantee your luggage will arrive and you won’t get bitten!

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Save some pennies – ask the bride for a list of other people travelling from your area, so you can co-ordinate flights and airport transfers. Much easier to get a coach for a bunch of people with a common pick up point, than get a taxi on your own or pay for airport parking!

♥ You should see a destination wedding as an opportunity to tack on a few days and make a proper holiday of it.  You’ll only be with the wedding party for a few days, so add on a few more and explore by yourselves.

♥ To check or not to check?  Hand luggage will severely limit your choice of outfit but checking your bags can severely grow your budget!

♥ Might be wise to choose wrinkle free, iron free loveliness. Jane Asher already did a bit of research on this.  It turns out a lot of pleated dresses are heat set to prevent creasing and folds disappearing.  There’s a price tag for that though – so will the cost of your outfit outweigh the cost of checking luggage?

♥ With more and more people asking for money rather than a physical gift, a destination wedding means you can give them local currency to enjoy while they’re on their wedding/honeymoon – and you don’t have to find, wrap, pack or carry a cumbersome pressie that might get broken en route. Want to give something more personal? Hand it over when they come back!

♥ No plus one?  Well, when else will go on holiday solo but feel pretty safe as you’re with people you know.  Do take some time out to enjoy the solitude of lone travel, it can really open your eyes when you don’t have someone else to consider, and you can do what you want. Just remember to turn up to the wedding!

♥ Wedding on a beach = flip flops. ‘Nuff said.

♥ Talk your bride into having her hen do once you all arrive at the destination – save money and time!

♥ Destination weddings nearly always include extra activities in the days leading up to the ceremony. As the couple usually have to be ‘resident’ in the country a set amount of time before being able to tie the knot, they’ll often book in some fun stuff so everyone can get to know each other.  A chance to try that paragliding you’ve always wanted a go at…

♥ Just because you’re at a destination wedding doesn’t mean the ‘what happens in…’ rule applies! This is a wedding, not a chance to cop off with the local tottie. At the very least, wait til the ceremony day has passed!

♥ Don’t forget to check your passport is in date! It’s unlikely the destination wedding will be somewhere that requires a visa (purely because brides will be aware it severely limits their number of eligible guests) but some places do require you to have more than 6 months validity on your passport. Check with your destination as soon as you get the invite!  If the wedding is in Ireland you can fly on your driving licence photo ID.  But as it rains quite a lot in Ireland, it’s probably not going to be the destination bride’s first choice!

♥ Lotion! Please don’t forget the factor 20 – you’ll likely be outside in scorching sunshine so cover those shoulders and your nose and ears!  Take a lightweight wrap, and a floppy hat.

So there you have it. How to survive your destination wedding.  It’s likely that your newly wedded couple will come home and have a party.  TWO outfits, TWO parties, (one gift) – Bonus! ♥


Thanks to Purely Diamonds for the header image. Head to their website if you want to plan your Destination Wedding


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