Wedmother Survival Guide – the HOT Wedding

Here we are in June and sun has FINALLY come out.  This weekend it’s going to be hot, hot, hot in the UK and we’re in the middle of wedding season. You know the drinks reception will be outside. Heck the ceremony may even be outside. So how do you survive a wedding on a super hot day?  We’ve got you covered!

♥ Ditch the fascinator in favour of a hat to shield your head and shoulders and keep your shoulders cool.

♥ Spent a fortune on the fascinator and not keen on hat hair? No worries, grab a white  (or outfit coordinating) brolly or pretty parasol. Just be aware you might get people trying to get under there with you. We love this pretty pink paper parasol (say that 10 times fast!). Comes in other colours and is cheap as chips (at the time of writing).

Confetti paper-parasol-fuchsia


♥ Keep hydrated.  A little bottle of water in your bag will help, and keep it topped up. No room for a bottle?  Alternate your fizzy top up with water. Alcohol is lovely on a sunny day but sun stroke and dehydration are not, so keep those non-alcoholic fluids up!

♥ Don’t forget the sunscreen (yep, that bag is getting bigger!). Not keen, or the smell clashes with your perfume? You can ditch the sunscreen in favour of a loose cover up or wrap. BUT still make sure you’re using a good SPF facial moisturiser and make-up.

♥ We’re only kidding about a big bag – you can keep your sexy McQueen clutch; pop all other essentials into another more practical holdall and pop under the table or somewhere else it’s handy!

♥ Invest in a fan man. No no, not a man with a fan – a little battery operated hand held fan that fits in your bag and isn’t too noisy!fan man image

Fan Man – also comes in different colours!

♥ Or go retro and get an actual wafty fan. But that does require moving your arm back and forth, and that might make you hot….. Etsy have some amazing options.

♥ Now this next one is contentious…take off your shoes and stand on the cool grass (possibly where you’ve strategically dropped an ice cube). BUT be aware you poor feet might swell and you might not get those shoes back on sooooo….

♥ ….ditch the high tight shoes for flat sexy sandals, keep your feet cool.

♥  We know you’ve spent hours finding the perfect body hugging embroidered dress (it’s England, who knew the sun could get this warm?) but consider swapping it for something more floaty or a lush wide leg jumpsuit (which also means no tights or chafe, fabulous!). Sidenote…you’ll cool everyone else down as you waft by…

So there you have it, our take on how to survive the heat wave that’s coming our way, or any hot hot wedding ♥

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