Top Grooming Tips for Grooms

In honour of National Men’s Grooming Day we at Wedmother Towers thought me might give you Grooms some top tips – and reasons – for looking your best on the big day.  We know everyone is looking at the bride but that’s no excuse for nose hair or dirty nails – you just never know what the camera will pick up.

So don’t be shy, follow these ten great tips for looking your absolute best and get your fair share of the camera action!

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Be Prepared
Preparation for the big day should start well before it!  If you suddenly change your routine you could find your skin rebels, breaks out and generally gets annoyed.  You also need to know what products work and what irritates your skin and it’s best to check that out a few months before you get your photo taken 1000 times!

♥ Face Care
Got a beard? Get it groomed. Yep, that’s thing. You can get your beard washed and blow-dried so it’s smooth and glossy (but go easy on the oil, it might reflect in the camera flash and your face is one big shiney white blob!). Awesome beard tips from Grooming Essentials.  No beard? Get a ‘proper’ shave, with hot towels and a cut-throat razor. Smooth as a babies bottom! Make sure you follow it with a decent post shave balm.  While it’s always good to layer your scent, your balm should be as natural as possible – your face is in shock, you need to calm it down before chucking on a load of unnatural products on there.Beard before and after

Nose and ear hair♥ Hair Removal
It’s a well known fact that men sprout hair in all kinds of places – nose, ears, knuckles, errant eyebrows….. And it’s a well known fact that the camera doesn’t lie and can pick up the smallest of details. So get those nose and ear hairs trimmed, pluck or smooth your eyebrows and, well I’m not sure shaving your knuckles is a good idea, that might be down to personal preference!

Hand photo♥ Clean and Smooth
For the love of god please clean and cut your nails before your wedding. There WILL be a photo of your hands showing off your wedding rings (even if you don’t have one, it will be with your wife’s hand showing off hers!).  And use a little hand cream. You’re going to be shaking a lot of hands, you might as well make it a pleasant experience for everyone!  Consider a MANicure to get wedding ready and pamper yourself a little. Watch this dude show you how to do it, or just suck it up and go to a salon!

♥ Look after your locks
If you don’t already have a regular hairdresser or barber, find one well before the big day and get used to the way they style your hair. Speak to your barber about when the best time is for that final cut.  Get to know your hair yourself – does it look it’s best right after being cut or is it better a week in? How long is too long? And what about products. If you’re treating yourself to new products you must try them out before the big day. What if they turn your hair rock-hard? Leave a residue? All stuff you need to know before you have no other choice! Work it out, book it in and you’ll be rocking the best hair on your big day.Haircut gif

Teeth whitening♥ Pearly Whites
Are you considering getting your teeth whitened? I know I’m in danger of repeating myself but please don’t do this the week leading up to the wedding!  Speak to your dentist, get their opinion on the best time. But if you have any kind of reaction to the process you’re gonna want to have that with time to recover!

Which leads us to….

♥ Death Breath
Plan in a nice deep teeth clean prior to the wedding – you’re going to be kissing a lot of people and there’s nothing worse than death breath in a line-up! Oh, and keep a breath spray or a small bottle of mouth rinse handy for throughout the day.

♥ Faking it
Spray tans are not just for the bride!  Just take a lesson from Ross Geller and don’t overdo it.  And maybe avoid the self tanning booth. We recommend getting a professional to do it for you to avoid streaks and blotches.  Ross Geller spray tan gif

♥ Kiss and Make Up
I’m not saying you need to get to the nearest Dior counter and have a full face applied. But consider some make up if your skin is prone to blotchiness or redness. How else do you think all of those men of the telly look so amazingly natural? There are plenty of make up artists out there who specialise in male make-up and will give you a nice glow instead of a Dame Edna kind of look.Male make up before and after

♥ You Smell
And finally, it’s good to smell good. It’s not good to smell overpoweringly of aftershave.  Women have long known that layering a scent makes it subtle and long lasting, so use the matching shower gel and possible a moisturiser and then ‘walk through’ your after shave/ cologne. This means spraying it in the air and walking through it.  Apply a short squirt to your neck from a distance of around 6-8 inches and STOP! And don’t feel the need to re-apply as you take your place – just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not there!  Use an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant, and go for a subtle or unscented one so it doesn’t clash with your cologne.

So to summarise – whatever you plan to do, plan it! Don’t jump in there two days before the wedding to get a new hair cut, whitened teeth and spray tan because you’re just asking for trouble. And shocking photos!  ♥

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