Six Ways to Make Your Wedding Work while Lockdown Eases

These have been strange times for weddings, haven’t they? Covid-19 has been a thorough nuisance to couples planning their big day and while many couples have been able to move their nuptials to a future date next year, many others only moved to later this year and now find themselves stuck or unable to find a suitable 2021 date.  Or they simply just want to marry the person of their dreams.

Don’t despair. We know there are a lot of restrictions in place but we’ve got a few ideas to help you over come them.  You’ll need to have a good chat with your venue to see what they are willing and able to do, but let us help you to create a day that might not be what you wanted but will still be all you dream of.  Here we take six of the restrictions and help you to get creative so you can still have your special day.

Beautiful wedding room with drapes, couch and floral aisleFewer people and social distancing just means you can get more creative with your aisle!

♥ No singing
Whaaaaat? So the no singing part is all about the wet particles that fly out of your mouth while you talk or sing at volume. Social distancing can help with this but you’re going to have to space people pretty far apart.  Instead, why not ask your guests to record themselves singing in their family groups and play that on the day?  It might sound a little crazy but it will create some great memories and you can have copies of the recordings. Don’t forget to record yourselves too!

♥ Washing your hands before and after ring exchange
Ok, so you’re not going to want to dash off to the nearest sink before and after swapping rings. So instead you need to bring the soap and water to you.  Why not pop along to an antiques or home wear store (or look online but I prefer to help a small independent business) for a jug and basin combo. Or better yet, make your own! You can buy unpainted pottery that you can personalise and it’s a great keepsake of your day.  Splash out on handmade soap to a scent of your choice and viola – you have something no-one else will have on their day.annie-spratt-wTHOLDA8OnQ-unsplash

♥ 1m with extra safety measures
Oh boy, I could really go to town on this one. Personalised face masks (with your names, or the names of your guests, your date…), clear face sheilds decorated around the edges with your wedding colours, flowers. If you’re not arty or creative you can get stickers (ready made or personal to you).  How about ribbons on the sides in your wedding colours?  I’m not sure, you’d have to check, but could you possibly sing if you’ve got your masks on? That’s worth wearing them!

These are all available on Etsy. There were sooooo many to choose from.

♥ Speaking should not be in a raised voice
Easy this one – get a microphone! That way even those socially distanced guests at the back will be able to hear your vows.  If possible, get a lapel mic for all involved with saying important things. Alongside this was ‘ceremonies should be as short as reasonably possible’ so you might have to only have one reading, or do video readings. The legal bit doesn’t take long. The idea is to keep people as safe as possible so while videos may lengthen proceedings a little, they take the loud talking element away. Good compromise.

♥ Venues should mark the floor with tape
Eww, ugly! Nope, you can go the extra mile and get floor decals that are removable. They can be in a beautiful font or in your colours. You can have them simply as pretty designs or you can put names or ‘Bride’, ‘Groom’ etc on them. You can really go to town. And they’re removable so you can keep them.

♥ No food or drink to be consumed
This is the hardest one. I have two solutions. On the day, head home to your garden and open the fizzy there. No garden? Then split into your bubbles outside at your venue. You can’t all be on top of each other but you can be in the same outside space (it’s no different to the venue opening for lunch and serving 8 different groups of people, you just have to socially distance in your bubble). And the other? Book your evening reception for later on, either at the same venue or anywhere else you fancy really. You get the chance to wear your wedding gear again, everyone comes and you can do a premier of your wedding video so those that couldn’t come to the ceremony can at least see it.

It’s not all doom and gloom and despair. Venues are generally very happy to help you talk through your ideas and come up with a plan that satisfies the restrictions in place and give you the Best Day Ever

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