Keep calm when things go wrong (because something always does)

It’s a known fact that something will go wrong on your wedding day.  We know this because life isn’t perfect and things can always go wrong. It’s how you deal and cope with it that defines whether or not it’s an issue and remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Chances are it’s not going to be something major – you’re in control of the big stuff so it’s unlikely your dress won’t turn up or there’ll be no food (although this is sometimes at the mercy of a generator if you’re in a marquee so have a back up and plan cold stater and dessert!) but some of the little things might decide to play up. Some you can let go, some can be sorted, and some you could prepare for before the wedding…just in case.

You know the usual things – bring a spare pair of shoes and tights/stockings, extra kirby grips and (something every bride should do) a spare pair of pants (you’re in that dress for a looooong time and it gets hot under there).

But what about things that you haven’t thought of, that might just happen? Here’s a little help list for things that might go wrong and how to put them right(ish)!Supernatural what could go wrong

♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥          ♥

♥ Something didn’t turn up or get delivered in time.
This does kinda depend what it is.
Flower gifts not delivered? Don’t panic, this one is easily fixed: Ask someone (your venue or a bridesmaid/groomsman) to pop out for flowers; contact a local florist for delivery; pop a note in their bedrooms letting them know how much you appreciate their help and a ‘little thank you’ will be with them soon.
Hmmm but what if it’s something a little more important? Like the rings? No problem – as long as you have ‘a’ ring you can have your own little ring swapping ceremony later on. Someone is bound to have rings you can borrow for the ceremony, and I don’t know many women that don’t own another ring!
How about the tiara? Your hairdresser will be able to help here, most of them come prepared with adornments. Or pop some flowers in your hair.  Or fashion something out of your jewellery – your necklace could make a great hair accessory in an emergency!
We read a great story about a wedding in Australia where the cake didn’t show up!  The guests rallied, popped to Woolworths (who knew they still existed over there) and bought ready made cakes and Betty Crocker ready made frosting and chucked together a beautiful cake.

♥ SomeONE didn’t turn up!
My make up person didn’t arrive (it’s a long story) and lucky for me my venue was close to a town centre. My ever efficient bridesmaid called the nearest make-up counter, I popped over and was sorted in no time. It did create a bit of a time hole and so I missed some other things but all in all disaster averted. So I always tell my brides to bring their own make up if they’re not going to be at home when getting ready. Be prepared!
Handy tip – delegate someone to call all of your suppliers on the morning of the wedding to make sure they’re all turning up, on time and know where they’re going.  No surprises and any issues can be dealt with nice and early!

♥ A technical hitch
We had a reading from a friend in Australia.  She had planned to do it live but during practice kept crying (emosh 😍!) so she pre-recorded it and we played it during the ceremony. My mum was unable to attend so my brother had her on Skype from France.  Luckily no hitches there but in this techno world we live it something could easily go wrong. Make sure your venue has sufficient WiFi, ask someone if you can piggy back off their phone in an emergency and pre-record whatever you can for backups. Just in case.

♥ Bad timing
Guarantee that the timing of the day will take a hit. I’m an event organiser, had the day timed out to a tee but no make-up artist=time stolen! If you have a Wedmother at your wedding we are well versed in sorting out issues that arise and getting back on track. But if you don’t, don’t panic.  The people around you love you and want your day to be perfect, so the minute you spot something that could steal time call in help.  Now, if you’re the creator of that lost time (having a ‘zilla moment and want your hair and make-up redone…) you will have to take responsibility for what comes next. But every step of the way make sure your venue/caterers know what’s happening so they can adjust their times to suit and you can avoid a disaster with the food!  Something to consider if your ceremony venue has time slots is to book two…you spend a little more but have peace of mind.

♥ Messed up table plan
If someone lets you know prior to the wedding that they can’t make the day or the meal that’s easily fixed – upgrade someone who was just coming to the night do!  Most people don’t mind and fully understand why they might not have been on the day list to start.  But…what if that happens on the day? Or someone comes to the ceremony but decides not to stay?  Well it mostly depends how many people and what table they’re on!  If you’re losing 4 people from a table, just ask two people to move seats to balance out the seating. You could even make some calls to your reserve list but that might be short notice from an outfit point of view! Now I know you’ve spent YONKS carefully planning your seating chart so the right people sit by each other but when you’re doing that planning, always have in mind who you could move to any table – everyone has that couple that can talk to anyone, make people feel at ease and won’t be upset being moved from the friend table to a family table or other way round.

So there you have it – a few possibilities of things that could go wrong and how to put them right.  And we also suggest an ’emergency’ box – a sewing kit, safety pins, baby wipes (remove almost anything!), super glue, shoe insoles, plasters and clear nail varnish; something for every eventuality! 

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