Wedmother Survival Guide – Going Solo to a Wedding

Depending on your age, it’s likely that you will, at some point, go to a wedding without a plus one.  And, depending on your age, it’s likely that you won’t care because you’ll have your posse (your girls) with you instead.

But what if you’re invited to a wedding of someone your other friends don’t know, without a plus one, and you’re going to have to…..go alone!

OK so the photo booth isn’t as much fun when you’re on your own, and there’s no-one to tell you when you’ve had that one drink you shouldn’t. But on the plus side there’s also no-one to frown when you have that third slice or cake or empty the sweet cart into your handbag, and you can skip out early if you want to because, well, who will know! (Just make sure you stay for the cutting of the cake and the first dance).

Here’s your Wedmother Survival guide for going solo to a wedding.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ First things first – ask if there are any other singletons going.  You can a) latch on to someone if you’re not feeling brave and need a wingman – even one you don’t know – or b) potentially meet the person of your dreams…

♥ Which brings me to …. dress well!  Going solo is THE best reason for forking out on THAT outfit with THOSE shoes.  This is no time for drab wallflower. The only acceptable thing in this situation is Shine like a Diamond!

♥ Ah, the slow songs.  What to do there?  Our advice – grab a grandad (they love to dance with a pretty, well dressed lady – it makes them feel young) or a child – they don’t take themselves too seriously and you can use crazy dance moves and spin around legitimately!

♥ Be the guest that everyone loves.  Pregnant lady there who doesn’t feel like dancing?  Make a bee-line for her and entertain her so she doesn’t feel left out.  Kids driving the parents mad?  It’s acceptable to take them to the bouncy castle!  Cute barman?  ‘Nough said…

♥ PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN.  Solo doesn’t mean anti-social. Newsflash…people in couples talk to single people!  You might be on a table of couples or singles, either way you’re with human beings who have at least one thing in common – the bride or groom. There are stories to be told and heard, there are friendships to be forged and there is most definitely a memory to be made. And you can’t do any of that clutching your phone.

♥ Challenge yourself.  Photo bomb EVERYONE. Score points for how many times you can get ‘aubergine’ into a conversation.  Tell everyone you meet you have a different profession.  Soooo much fun to be had when you don’t have the person you came with telling you off…

♥ Ask if you can help with anything on the day. When you don’t have someone else to worry about you can be the person who fluffs her dress as the photos are taken, or who sorts out any problems with the venue. Or even herd the guests outside for the group photo.

But most of all –

DO show up – you are special enough to someone to have been invited to their most special day. Don’t turn that down just because you might be on your own.

DO spoil yourself. When else are you likely to go ‘on holiday’ on your own without feeling like you’re on your own.  Book a great hotel room, use the spa and order yourself a bottle of fizzy for when you arrive.

DON’T spend the entire wedding lamenting that you’re single. People don’t want to hear it and you must have more exciting conversation in you than that.

DON’T forget why you’re there.  It’s not about you, it’s about your friend. Who wanted you to be a part of, and to help her celebrate, her special day ♥

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