Proposals – how to get it right!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s PPT – Prime Proposal Time! Lots of men (and women!) will be planning the perfect proposal, preparing to pop the question and create a memory to last a lifetime.

Here are some hints and tips to proposing that you could consider and we’re sure you’ll get the result you’re hoping for!

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ First things first – are you sure there’s going to be a yes?  Have you talked about the future?  I can’t stress enough how important it is to be on the same page if you’re proposing – at Valentine’s or any time!  Making marriage the next step should not be considered a ‘fix’ for any issues in your relationship, it should be the next logical step that you’re both happy to take.  If your relationship is rocky it may be prudent to wait, talk and be honest about what you both want for the future. If that goes well and you’re both happy… break out the bling!Image result for turn down proposal gif

♥ Planning a big public proposal? I refer you to point one!  You don’t want someone saying yes just because they don’t feel they can say no in front of so many people when you’ve created a ‘perfect moment’.  That just leads so heartache down the line when they need to break it off or worse – go through with it and you’re married to someone simply because they didn’t know how to say no.

♥ Think long and hard before hiding the ring in food or drink!  Not only could it do a bit of damage – a choking bride to be is not a happy bride to be!

♥ Proposing at height?  Near water? Consider tying something around that sparkler just in case the excitement gets too much and the rings goes over the edge… I suspect Seth Dixon probably wishes he had!

♥ Ohh, lets lighten things up a bit now!  The RING!  Do you buy it first or do you wait and let your partner choose?  How about combining those two things!  If you’re planning a proposal it should be just that – planned!  Take some time to learn what your future intended would like (we’re not all in need of the biggest diamond ever!).  Here’s your choices ….

Solitaire? Cluster?  Coloured stones or just diamonds? Crusty shoulders (I don’t think that’s the technical term but I’m sure a jeweller would know what you mean.  Tiffany call them Diamond Bands!).

Here’s a guide on the different cuts, thanks to Thomas Markle Jewelers  Image result for engagement ring in champagne glass gif
The amount you spend? Well, for me, that should be what you can afford. Don’t go into debt for your ring. If you haven’t managed to save, just spend what you’ve got.  You can always ‘upgrade’ for your tenth wedding anniversary!  Buy smart – great rings go in the sale after Christmas and come back out of the sale close to ‘V’ day. Shop at the right time and you could get the perfect sparkler for a song!

And do consider protecting the ring.  Most jewellers will replace if the diamond falls out but some require you to buy protection. Check out your options before you buy.  Another option is to find an independent jeweller who is happy to stand by the workmanship of the ring, or have the ring made – a jewellery maker will always stand by their craftsmanship.

Ok so you’ve got the ring, you’ve planned the epic proposal (public or private, it’s going to be epic, right!)…all you need to do now is, well, propose!

So finally, here are a few boring but important things to think about once you’ve asked (and they’ve said yes!) –

♥ Add the ring to the household insurance!
♥ Tell the important people in your life BEFORE you put it on social media
♥ Chat about the length of your engagement – there’s no pressure to get married immediately but if you have your hearts set on a certain venue there may be a looooooong wait for your perfect date!

And now….Congratulations! Open the bubbly and celebrate the next part of your lives together ♥


If you’re just not sure, have a read of these rejection stories (made us giggle!) to find out when NOT to propose!
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