How to ‘pick’ your wedding florist

You might think that you can go to any old flower shop and get your wedding flowers sorted. And I’m sure some people do, indeed, do just that.  However we are big believers that your wedding suppliers should suit your wedding style and understand what you want, and this in turn leads to happy couples with no worries that their wedding day will be, well, perfect.

So, if you don’t know any florists how do you go about finding the one that matches your personality and suits your style?  Follow our top tips for finding your wedding florist and you will end up with a floral sensation that ticks all of your boxes.

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♥ Wedding Fairs
Of course wedding fairs and venue open days will net you a good selection of florists and as you’re actually meeting them face to face you can have a chat and see if you gel, not to mention seeing a good selection of their work first hand instead of just photos. Great way to start!

♥ Recommendation
This is a good way to find, but not necessarily book, a florist.  If your friend or family member recommends their florist you should still go and meet them, chat face to face, ask for examples of their work and make sure they are capable of producing your vision for your wedding.

♥ Check them out in situ
If you’ve already chosen your venue, ask if it’s possible to check out some wedding set ups.  As long as the timings of the day work out they usually won’t mind if you want to pop along for twenty minutes to see the tables set up, possibly see the button holes (probably not the bouquet unless the bride is getting ready there) and see what other floral gorgeousness is on display.  The church may also let you in prior to the ceremony to check out the floral decorations there too.  This is a great way you visualise if that florist is for you and clearly they already understand what suits the venue.

Floral Gorgeousness courtesy of Daisy Flower Boutique, Middlesbrough

♥ Flexibility is key
Most florists will be flexible we’re sure.  But you need to be too!  It’s important that you communicate your ideas to your florist, possibly with a wedding mood board, colour chart (get samples of your bridesmaid dresses/waistcoats/suits so that they can colour match), styles from wedding mags and real wedding blogs.  However you don’t just want to recreate someone else’s ideas so ensure your florist is going to inject their (and your) personality into anything they create, not just copy it.

♥ Location
Be a little bit of an eco warrior bride and keep the road miles down by choosing a florist local to your venue rather than your home.  This also will ensure that, not matter what mother nature throws at you on the day, there is very little chance of your flowers not arriving. If you’re getting married in your home town that won’t be an issue but if you’re going away for your nuptials it makes sense to investigate florists local to your venue.

♥ Pop in
No two florist shops are the same. Each one shows off the personality of the creative people that own them, so take the time to visit the shop and listen to other customers, check out if they have unusual blooms and see what they’ve created for general purchase. All of this will help you get a feel for the florist and go a long way to help you make your decision.

Flowers are a personal choice and can make some lovely statements about you as well as making a statement on your big day so it’s important to get it right.  Follow our tips and you’re sure to end up with the florist of your floral dreams ♥


Thanks to the lovely Hannah and her bridesmaid for our header image

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