Why have a Wedmother coordinate your day?

We get asked this question A LOT!  So we thought we’d interview Chief Wedmother Lynda to answer all of your Wedmother related queries!

Q. Do you work in any venue
A. We do but we mostly work in dry hire venues (somewhere that you rent the space and have to provide everything else).  Most venues have a co-ordinator but we’re happy to work with couples on the lead up to the big day and make sure everything is perfect at the venue.  Check out our services for more info.

Q. Do you just rock up on the day?
A. Not quite, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the big day. It all starts with phone or video chats to discuss the couple’s vision of their day and, where possible, suggesting suppliers and ideas to help bring it to life. This information feeds the event plan – the minute by minute account of the wedding day that includes when suppliers are supposed to arrive, where they set up, even how the wedding party is walking down the aisle! We put in around 30 hours before the wedding day and introducing ourselves to key suppliers so we all know what’s what on the day.

Q. Are you available for other help? Like Meltdown Moments?
. All part of the service!  Sometimes you just need to breathe, and we can remind you how. We have had brides call us in tears because they need someone to talk to who isn’t a friend or family and will listen to them without being opinionated. We’ve had grooms call us because they feel left out but don’t want to put pressure on their partner, and we give them tips on how to approach that. This is a separate service available to any couple, but is included if we’re coordinating your day.


Q. Do you help with set up / break down?
A. We do!  These activities do come at an additional cost and are discussed and booked with couples as required.

Q. Do you have any tools to help with planning?
A. Of course!  All of our couples get our free super dooper supplier tracker spreadsheet to keep on top of deposits and payments, confirmations, timings and all of the finer details. They share this with us so we can contact suppliers and know who to expect on the day

Q. How about staff? 
A. We have a relationship with our local college’s hospitality course to give their top students the opportunity to gain ‘real world’ experience.  They’re brilliant and always excited to be working a wedding! There is a separate fee for using this service.Wedmother branded shirts (2)

We’re very proud of our Fairy Wedmother branded work wear!

Q. What exactly do you do on the day, and why can’t friends and family do it?
A.  If you prefer, of course your friends and family can do it.  But we believe that weddings are to be enjoyed by guests, not worked!

This list is not definitive but hopefully gives you an idea of what’s involved!

We make sure your ceremony room looks perfect and is clean and tidy with no trip hazards. We make sure your guests are seated ready for the bridal procession.  We press ‘play’ on the music, we direct guests to the drinks reception.  We’ve been known to attach the button holes. And we make sure the registrars know who they’re talking to.

It takes around two and a half hours to fully turn a room around from ceremony to wedding breakfast (unless there’s somewhere to pre-set tables, which there rarely is in dry hire venues or marquees etc).  That’s lugging tables from their hiding place and setting them out to match the table plan, dressing and laying them with crockery, cutlery and glass wear as well as place cards, favours, decorations.  This is time you and your family should be enjoying with your guests, not worrying if everything is done in time.

We liaise with suppliers (they have our number in case of emergency).  We try and keep any issues from the couple unless necessary. In previous weddings we’ve had hog roast vans stuck in traffic and arrive with ten minutes to spare; we’ve had generators quit; and we’ve had ice cream vans show up way too early.  We dealt with all of it and the wedding party were non the wiser.

We keep on top of the mess, clean up broken glasses and the occasional icky vomit (yep, it’s a glamorous job!).  We make sure there’s a coffee or some water for that one guest who took advantage of the free bar.  We make all of the announcements throughout the day so no one misses the cutting of the cake or the first dance (oh and we cut up the cake!).  We make sure everyone’s on the coach, we ensure the security team arrived, and we make sure you leave with your cards and pressies.

Do you really want your family and friends to worry about these things, or miss the ceremony because a supplier called with a question?  Let us worry about that!

Q. Do you count your steps?
A. Ha ha, of course we do!  On average, a full wedding with ceremony, turn around to wedding breakfast, turn around to evening event we do…(drum roll please) around 25,000 steps. That’s about 12 miles!  And that’s a lot to ask of your parents/friends/family.

Q.  And finally, where are Wedmothers available?
A. All over.  We have a fleet of Wedmothers just waiting to make wedding days awesome!  I’m based in the north east and I have three other Wedmothers up here. The rest are scattered across the country, you’re never too far away from one.  If you want a Wedmother to coordinate your big day just get in touch and we’ll connect you with your nearest one. BUT be aware we take on a limited number of weddings each year in order to give our best attention to each couple. So if you want one, you better be quick!

Thanks for reading, we hope this gives you a little insight into the work that goes into making wedding days perfect!  We’re committed to bringing sparkle and calm to your wedding day ♥

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