Wedmother Survival Guide – the Covid-19 Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 30 people allowed at a wedding during the Covid-19 restrictions, are you ready to be a Mirco Wedding guest? (Not a micro guest, not a teeny tiny guest; a guest at a teeny tiny wedding!).

‘What’s so different?’ I hear you cry. Well let me tell you.

❤ You’ll have to wear a mask at least during the ceremony. Good thing about this? You can sparkle it up, make it to match your outfit and really go to town on something fabulous. Just don’t upstage the Bride.josh-withers-rpOa2qzUhEQ-unsplash

❤ There’s no getting away from anyone you might not be keen on. On the plus side, restrictions say that reception guests should still socially distance so that touchy-feely uncle shouldn’t be able to reach and great aunt Ethel definitely can’t plant a wet smacker on your cheek.

❤ There’s very little chance of someone wearing the same outfit as you. That said, if they do there’s no getting away from them. Maybe err on the side of caution and wear an outfit from last year.

❤ There’s no singing at Covid weddings, so for once lip-syncing the hymns is acceptable behaviour. But sadly that means no belting out dance floor tunes at full pelt either. In fact, it’s possible it means no dance floor at all.todd-trapani-2Dupw3OzAms-unsplash

❤ Let’s face it, you’re going to be in ALL of the photos. With less than 30 people (because the photographer, videographer and any other suppliers all count in the 30) the chances of missing that lens are slim. So keep your best smile on at all times!

❤ Watch your drinking. It will be blatantly obvious if you get hammered. Because you might be the only one!  No slavering over the best looking person at the do, no ‘oops up side your head’ (unless you’re doing it alone, always a possibility after a few glasses of fizzy) and no unsavoury photos in the photo booth (again, unless you’re doing it alone…).

❤ On the positive side, you get to see the stars of the show a lot during the celebrations. With only a handful of guests the happy couple will be able to circulate and chat a lot more.

Micro/Covid restrictive weddings can be more fun than their fuller counterparts. Often budgets stretch to better food and wine and the possibility of an open bar; you get to really chat to the wedding party; and if your make-up goes horribly wrong you can hide behind you mask for the rest of the night ❤

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