My Wedding after Covid 19

In 2020 and 2021, Covid put a spanner in the works for lots of weddings. Cancelling, rebooking, cancelling again. The stress of getting a date that works for you and making sure all of your suppliers can make the new date. Worries about your dress and colour scheme going out of fashion, or you just don’t like it anymore (or it doesn’t fit).

Here we interview one bride who went through all of this. When we started, her initial statement had been ‘I just wasn’t looking forward to it; I wasn’t excited because I didn’t believe it was going to happen’.

Well it did. Finally. Tissues at the ready.

Q. How many times did you have to change your date, and did you end up with a date that worked for you?

After booking our original wedding date for 2nd May 2020 we had to change our date a further two times. Originally we changed to October 2020 thinking the pandemic would be over. Once we realised how wrong we were and that things were clearly going to last a while we then decided to push it back to August 2021. We were much happier with the August date as we had wanted Summer all along and also managed to book over a bank holiday as originally planned for May. We felt like we rushed to change to October as there wasn’t much availability and all couples panicked a bit to start with. Planning just went out of the window at this point, other than changing suppliers etc which had to be done. I was so fed up of changing everything (including our honeymoon to Las Vegas and all the amazing trips we had pre booked for May).

Q. How helpful were your suppliers?
* We asked if we could name suppliers and she agreed. Luckily, most were helpful…

Oh where to start. We had an unfortunate experience with the original photobooth company (Platinum Starlight). The owner did change the first date for us, but when I kept having the chase for a confirmation I had feeling things might not go well. For the second change we just had no communication at all (and a few other couples said similar). Eventually I had to take advice from Citizens Advice and Trading Standards but we didn’t get anywhere and as we had paid by bank transfer and not with a card we lost our money and the bank couldn’t help. Lesson learned there. Please be wary / aware of the risk of paying by bank transfer.
In the end we booked a photobooth with Picture Book Party Booths, although they seemed super busy and communication was not fantastic they really pulled out all the stops on the evening! The guests loved it and we have some of the funniest photos ever to look back on.
We originally had suits booked to hire with Moss Bros from Newcastle but their customer service and communication was appalling so luckily I got our large deposit back from them and we went with Woven from Durham who were in another league compared to Moss Bros. They were so invested in our wedding and making sure every little detail was perfect. These guys are amazing and we would highly recommend them.
FW would just like to add here….small independent businesses do a happy dance and invest in their customers. Not to say ALL big companies don’t. But do shop around.
Our florist (Petal Perfection) and cake (A Truly Scrumptious Cake) were both amazing! Nothing was a bother for them even though I changed things A LOT and they were so understanding and sympathetic and changing dates was no trouble at all.
Our photographer (Val Fairhurst) was a family friend but again she was in touch with me all the time and really understood how I was feeling about everything, changing dates was no trouble at all and it was the same for our singer (Dan Reynard) who changed both dates with no issues.
Please note, all of the images provided here with a watermark are from Val. Be sure to credit photographers when you use their images. And those without a watermark belong to Lorraine. So please credit if required. They’re not yours after all! Thanks ❤
Sadly our original choice for a magician (Paul Lytton) wasn’t available for our August date which was very disappointing but rather than leave us in the lurch he and a fellow magician (Graeme Shaw) had agreed to help each other out with dates etc so that was all swapped over really smoothly and Graeme was a huge hit too, especially with our 7 year old son.
A little bit of magic

Q. Fashion, especially wedding fashion, moves quickly. With an 18 month delay to your big day, having bought your dress at least 9 months before that, how did you feel about your dress and your choices for your bridesmaids?

I was worried that I wouldn’t like the dress anymore as it had been left with the seamstress for over a year and obviously from when I originally tried it on in the boutique and ordered it etc, we’re now talking about a 2 year old dress. I was also so worried that it wasn’t going to fit too because, like a lot of people, I comfort ate and drank my way through lockdown. I had zero motivation to lose any weight as I was convinced it wouldn’t go ahead even in August. When we realised things actually looked like they were on track I had a huge panic because when I went back to try my dress it wouldn’t fasten! That was a super emotional afternoon but it gave me a kick up the bum to do something…which I did and my dress fit perfectly in the end and I loved it just as much as when I first saw it! Likewise with the bridesmaids; a couple of them had to lose some weight but we all loved the dresses jut as much as when we first got them and they looked stunning!

Q. What about your guest list? Did you manage to have everyone important there, did you have to drastically change your numbers?

We had the same guest list and numbers, although a few evening guests couldn’t attend for various reasons (one, of course, being Covid!). But there were two very, very important people to me who couldn’t attend. Unfortunately my grandad passed away in February 2021 and my nanna’s health and dementia had deteriorated so badly she wasn’t able to attend. This still breaks my heart as it’s a day they were both very much looking forward to and nanna had her outfit all sorted the year before and talked about it all the time. I wanted them to see me get married so badly as they were such a big part of our lives. I still took nanna’s buttonhole to the care home the day before for her to wear and my brother in law facetimed the home so nanna could watch the ceremony which was very emotional.

Q. I’m sure your venue were super helpful. Tell us how they eased the stress / worry for you.

The team at South Causey Inn are just so personal and caring, they are a family run business and treat their couples like part of the family too. Although they were under a lot of pressure during the first year of Covid they still took amazing care of us. They couldn’t accommodate us in our original venue for August (South Causey has a collection of wedding areas) so invited us along to the building site which is now the beautiful Farmhouse. They talked us through their vison and brought it to life and we were sold straight away. After all of the heartache it worked out for the best as this new venue was stunning and because of having to change they didn’t charge us any extra either. They kept in touch all the time, changed all of our guests accommodation over each time and just made things that bit easier for us when so much was happening. Oh, and provided a lot of other things for us as part of the Infinity Package; that just topped off the day.

Q. What advice would you give to someone in your position, who is waiting, waiting for their big day to arrive after several changes? You mentioned that your excitement had waned a little; how did you get it back?

My main advice to anyone who has had to postpone is that your feelings are 100% valid; don’t listen to people telling you to cheer up and it will all work out because unless they have had to change their wedding (and everything else that is part of it) 3 times then they have no clue! I was so tired of people telling me to be positive when it was really hard to just not cry a lot! I was dealing with the pandemic, my grandparents becoming ill and going into care, home-schooling whilst working full time, losing my grandad, catching Covid myself and being REALLY ill for a couple of months whilst trying to deal with rearranging everything. It took its toll on me and I couldn’t get excited at all until about 4 months before when we realised it was definitely going to go ahead. My excitement started to build back up with a hen party/day out and then all the build-up, the appointments etc…you just can’t help but get swept up in all the excitement. Your wedding day is something you’ve planned for a long time and dreamt about so when that’s taken away from you, and not just once, it’s completely understandable that you might not be ‘feeling it’ anymore but the magic will come back and you will have the best day of your lives because its even more of a special celebration after all the delays.
Our wedding was so emotional at points but then also the biggest celebration with our loved ones, it was everything we ever hoped for.

Thank you Lorraine. What a pleasure to hear your story (I’m not crying at all…) and thanks for sharing your photos too!

And to all of you lovely couples out there going through something similar, we feel your pain. We hope you have brilliant suppliers who have looked after you and, while we know it’s so hard, no matter what else is going on you are going to marry the love of your life. And that’s worth the world (and the wait) ❤

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