Wedmother Survival Guide – the New Year’s Eve Wedding

If, like me, you’re a huge fan of the festive season you may have mixed emotions about being invited to a wedding at Christmas. But what if it’s on New Year’s Eve?  Is that a different story?

Whilst I totally adore Christmas and all it means and brings, I feel very differently about New Year’s Eve. Not keen, and I don’t really know why but because of that a wedding on December 31st would totally suit me!  Here’s why, and how you can survive the New Year’s Eve wedding.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ Sparkly Outfits
The shops are full of awesome outfits at this time of year and the chances are they’re already on sale – big plus point.  At a wedding any other time of the year you might get frowned upon for sparkly overload – not so at an NYE wedding; resembling a glitter ball is almost mandatory.

♥ Outerwear
The best excuse for something seriously sparkly to wrap around yourself, a fur shoulder cape or even a sexy little jacket. All perfectly acceptable for an NYE wedding.

♥ No Queues at the Bar
My biggest bugbear of a night out on 31st December is you can’t get to the bar. It’s 8 deep and impossible to catch the barman’s eye. Not so at a wedding. Wine is brought to you, you’re only fighting the other guests for a drink and, if you’re lucky there’ll be a ‘pimp your Prosecco bar’ alongside the main bar. Big bonus.

♥ Transport home
Not needed! Stay over or nearby at a little B&B and take away the stress of walking for miles in your heels trying to find a taxi, or calling only to get cut off because they’re too busy. Or worse, the booked taxi doesn’t even turn up!  Non of that to worry about.  Accommodation might be an issue but venues usually have an allocation for weddings.

♥ Proper dancing
So you’ve spent pretty much 6 weeks listening to Christmas music in the shops, and every night out or party you’ve been to has played festive tunes all night long. Usually, if you’re in a pub on NYE that will continue but a wedding DJ knows better and you’ll have some ‘proper’ music to dance to. Ok, ‘oops up side your head’ might not be ‘proper’, but it’s not Christmas either!

♥ Fireworks
I can almost guarantee that any couple having a New Year’s wedding is going to end with a bang.  And this is the perfect time to don your little fur jacket and look fabulous as you watch. Or….’forget’ your jacket and snuggle up to that single guy you’ve been flirting with all day and make your own fireworks!

A New Year’s wedding can be a blessed relief from all of the Christmas festivities and is a great way to end, and start, the year.  I might not thank you for a wedding invitation any other time in December, but I’ll take a New Year’s Eve wedding every time! ♥


Thanks to Fantastic Wedding Fireworks for the header image. Check them out to add some major sky sparkle your special day.

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