Snow problem!

Chances are, if you’ve booked your wedding during the winter months you’re probably anticipating a bit of snow.  And you’ve already thought about things like using local suppliers, clothing alternatives and warm drinks.


With the weather this week set to dump a whole load of the white stuff over the UK, we explore what to do when you wake to a winter wonderland you weren’t expecting ☃❄

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

♥ First things first – call all of your suppliers and make sure they can make it. Then make a list of those that can’t or might be late and designate members of your wedding party to chase up alternatives. Phew, you’re on your way to saving your wedding!

♥ Ok so those gorgeous peep toe sling backs aint gonna work for outside!  Actually I’m hoping you hadn’t chosen that type of shoe for a winter wedding but if you did, you’re going to want something a little more waterproof and warm for your outside photos.  Didn’t bring your own wellies? I guarantee someone in your wedding party has boots or trainers you can borrow, or get a quick text out to a guest to bring something with them.  Then you can keep your nice shoes for inside and get gorgeous snowy photos without losing a toe to frostbite.Image result for hunter wedding wellies

♥ Strapless dress? You’ll need something lush to keep you warm while you’re waiting for the photos outside.  Designate someone to be in charge of whipping your coat/wrap/cardie away right before the photographer hits the button so you’re not too cold while you’re waiting – you can see goosebumps in a photo!

Related image

If you’ve planned ahead you’ll already have this cape!

♥ Roads blocked? Hmmm this one might be a little trickier to fix. Obviously your guests may have trouble getting to your venue, and you may have trouble getting from your ceremony to your reception.  Winter weddings require a little more pre-wedding planning. For starters, chat with your venue about what to do if your numbers drastically diminish on the day. As a rule you’ll be tied in to minimum numbers but they might be able to help in other ways.  Also chat to your transport – what is their policy if mother nature decides she fancies a little ski?

♥ Outside entertainment hasn’t appeared?  No problem there, just arrange a snow building competition!  Snowmen, snow animals, snow castles – let their imagination run riot and then you and your hubby can judge.


♥ Change your welcome drink to something warm, like a nice mulled wine or cider, or a hot toddy.  Ooh or my favourite – hot chocolate with Baileys. Nom nom.

♥ Using a marquee?  Make sure you ordered a back up generator – you really don’t want one failing leading to no food or heat on a snowy day.  If you’re considering a marquee for your winter wedding, we totally recommend a tipi – they usually have a lovely fire pit in the middle to keep everyone toasty.josh-campbell-UbbjVyibFuc-unsplash

♥ What if your photographer can’t get to you?  First off, put a call out over social media, see if there’s a local photographer that can come to your rescue.  Your photographer will totally understand if they’re unable to make it, and may even know someone they can push your way.  If that doesn’t yield anything get your guests to take loads of photos, you’re sure to get some good ones out of those.

♥ Eeek the band/DJ can’t make it. Thank goodness for music apps like Spotify or Deezer.   Nowadays everyone has Sonos or Echo (or other) so call on a guest to bring one. Not got tech savvy guests? Get on the internet and find yourself a good quality WiFi speaker or two and send someone off to get them so you can at least have a boogie, even if there’s no disco lights (although there’s probably an app for that too!)

For the most part, all wedding suppliers will do their very best to get to you and not let you down on your big day but to reduce the risk of disappointment try to stick to local suppliers. If your wedding photographer is 50 miles away it’ll be no use to you when there’s 2 foot of snow on the roads. If you’re planning a winter wedding we can’t stress enough just how much a contingency plan is needed.

On the plus side though, you really do get the very best photos with a snowy background…Brucie Bonus ♥

Image result for snowy wedding photosCredit – Paul Liddement


Header photo credit – Inspire an Image photography

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