Wedmother Survival Guide – The Christmas Wedding

Here it comes – the festive wedding. You can’t quite decide if you’re happy about it or not; should Christmas be for Christmas or is there no such thing as glitter and sparkle overload (remember we are Wedmothers – for us, there can never be too much sparkle!)?

Whether you love Christmas or not it is, after all, family time (whether that’s relatives or the friends that have become your family) and a wedding that brings everyone together at the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ has to be a good thing…right?

A Festive Wedding Guest has the best of both worlds – Christmas and Weddings.  There may be some pitfall along the way though; read on, sparkly guest; we’ll keep you straight.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥         ♥          ♥

🎄 Bonus – there is an abundance of gorgeous frocks in the shops this time of year so finding an outfit that will both cover the wedding and work for the Christmas Day posh outfit will be easy.
Getting one that no-one else has….not so much.  Top Tip – Gok that Frock!  Whatever delectable design you find embellish with extra sparkle or lace, add cap sleeves or straps, remove that frill around the neckline…whatever it takes to make yours different.

🎄 Bonus – there’s already loads of food around at this time of the year so canapes, a three courser and evening buffet isn’t going to make that much difference to your waistline! BUT dancing for 4 hours straight – that’s gonna count towards burned calories.

🎄 Bonus – if ever you need an excuse for a fabulous festive up-do here it is.  On a ‘normal’ year (whatever that is!) you might not be able to justify the time and expense of festive hair but a winter wedding…you’re all over that diamante encrusted top knot!Seasons on line diamante hair slide

Pop this little beauty along your top knot.  Image: Seasons Online

🎄 Bonus – the pre-Christmas sales will mean getting a gift is a bargain.  Unless they want cash – there’s nothing even a Wedmother can do to make that easier or cheaper.  BUT if they want cash for the honeymoon, find out where they’re going and get currency. That you CAN shop around for.

🎄 Bonus – it’s winter. You can wear boots and a coat.  And tights.  And no-one will judge because they are too. Oh and the choice of divine winter coats… **sighs and pulls out a plethora of catalogues**

🎄 Bonus – it’s often said that people meet their future partners at a wedding and with all the mistletoe hanging around at Christmas nuptials there’s a high possibility of a good snog and whatever that might lead to!  Who knows, it could be you planning your Christmas wedding next…

Not such a bonus….
There are some negatives to seasonal weddings – accommodation can be sparse and expensive; you might have to give up on the office party and the chance of a fling with Alex from accounts; you have to buy two gifts for the happy couple. And it might snow (we know, your beautiful new heels were not built for snow).

But the reality is a wedding at Christmas can be fun, is full of sparkle and will always give you that warm fuzzy feeling.  Photos in front of the tree, mulled wine or brandy eggnog to drink and a legitimate reason to spray glitter in your hair. What’s not to love ♥


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Big love to Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash for the main header photo.

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